By the Time You Read This

By the Time You Read This

by Giles Blunt

Detective John Cardinal is on the hunt for an ingenious killer even as he mourns his own wifes tragic death in this thriller of heart-stopping suspenseAutumn has arrived in Algonquin Bay, and with it an unusual spate of suicides.

The most shocking victim yet is Detective John Cardinals wife, who has finally succumbed to her battle with manic depression.

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It's not easy to write about suicide with both sensitivity and insight - the one tends to cancel out the other, so it's a testament to Giles Blunt just how well it's handled here. (view spoiler) Firstly, Interpol has a site where you can help them to track down offenders by identifying objects in the background of such images.

The John Cardinal books are always strong police procedurals set in a small city in the Algonquin area of Ontario. Autumn has also brought an extraordinary number of suicides by people suffering from depression. The horrific child abuse crime would seem to have no connection, but they inevitably come together through the stellar work of Cardinal and Delorme. There are 3 seasons of Cardinal TV shows based on the books.

PROTAGONIST: John Cardinal, homicide detective SETTING: Algonquin Bay SERIES: #4 of 4 RATING: 3.75 Live has never been easy for Catherine Cardinal. Throughout all of her illnesses, her husband, police detective John Cardinal, has stood stalwartly by her side. While out on a photo shoot, Catherine commits suicide. When John receives several hateful notes about his wife's death, he is even more convinced that Catherine was a victim of a homicide. While Cardinal is unofficially trying to disprove the suicide verdict, his partner, Lise Delorme, is deep into an investigation of a sexual predator who molested a young girl, photographed the acts and posted them on the Internet. That being said, By the Time That You Read This still incorporated all the things that I love in this series, wonderfully evocative writing and most especially the strong characterization of John Cardinal.

A fine 4th novel in the series of police procedurals featuring Detective John Cardinal, which are set in the fictitious town of Algonquin Bay in rural Ontario.

I've read 3 other John Cardinal mysteries and they have all been excellent stories.

Easily Giles Blunt's best work to date, By the Time You Read This is a beautiful and moving story, not to mention a deftly plotted and compelling mystery. The woman turns out to be Detective John Cardinal's wife, Catherine, who has long struggled with depression. There is even a suicide note on the roof, a note that begins "By the time you read this, I will have hurt you beyond all forgiveness..." Cardinal cannot imagine why his wife would commit suicide now, of all times, just when she seemed enthusiastic about her latest photography project and was showing none of the usual signs that she was depressed. Blunt does not shy away from sensitive subjects like sexual abuse, and those sections were also very difficult to read, but for different reasons than the chapters concerning Cardinal's grief and Catherine's death. This story in turn intersects with that of the "wave of suicides" that has been occurring and of which Catherine seems to be a part.

He is also the author of the John Cardinal novels, set in the small town of Algonquin Bay, in Northern Ontario.