Nobody's Baby But Mine

Nobody's Baby But Mine

by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Janes super-intelligence made her feel like a freak when she was growing up, and shes determined to spare her own child that suffering.

Which means she must find someone very special to father her child.

Dr. Jane is about to learn a little too late that this good ol boy is a lot smarter than he lets onand hes not about to be used and abandoned by a brainy, baby-mad schemer.

  • Series: Chicago Stars
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 4.06
  • Pages: 374
  • Publish Date: February 1st 1997 by Avon Books
  • Isbn10: 0380782340
  • Isbn13: 9780380782345

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QUICK REVIEW: Enjoyment:: 5/5 Writing style: 5/5 Storyline: 5/5 Hero: 5/5 Heroine: 5/5 Secondary characters: 5/5 Hotness/chemistry: 5/5 Romance: 5/5 Angst: 3.5/5 Darkness level: 1/5 Humor: 5/5 Depth of the book: 5/5 POV: multiple, 3rd person Triggers: (view spoiler)None.

First, apologies to all SEP fans and people who liked this book. Than she finds out he has a degree and feels betrayed because he's not stupid, but they still fall in love and in the end she ends up being the victim and his own family ends up protecting her from him and ARGH!!! No hard feelings, right, I mean uh, you know uh, don't throw those books, please AHHHHH *DUCKING*

My first SEP book was Fancy Pants which I really enjoyed but the Chicago Stars Series is quickly becoming my favorite of her books thus far. All of the books in this series can be read as a standalone which is also fantastic but I have decided to read them in order. Janie thought she had the perfect plan when she decided on the man to father her child. Cal loved this guy. When everything backfires on Janie she finds herself in a bit of a mess. Of course my favorite moments are with Janie and Cal though. The banter between them was endless and the anticipation of her reveal (read the book and you will know) drove me batty in the most wonderful way possible. This was such a fantastic book and I am thankful that my friend Karen continued to nudge me to start this series.

I loved Janie. One partner?-can be welled trained." He had a point. "I was referring to the instructional videotapes my agency has all its new employees watch." "They train you by watching videos?" His eyes narrowed reminding her of a hunter looking down a gun sight,"Now, ain't that interesting." She felt a little surge of pleasure as her child lost another few points on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.

This was the funniest book I've read by SEP, and it was not what I was expecting at all. I love Kiss an Angel so much, it's actually what got me started on SEP's novels. I didn't think I would be able to forgive her, but the thing is, Jane and Cal were hilarious together! Psst, I don't care about that, and I noticed SEP does this sometimes, and I always skip those added in POVs. Whoops. Nobody's Baby But Mine was a great, light, humourous, tension-filled, and a whole bunch of other good adjectives romance that had me smiling all the way through.

Somehow she creates these arrogant and bull-headed alphas who are so sweet at heart that they easily win you over. Hes downright mean at times, but I had a huge soft spot in my heart for him. SEP has created a bevy of interesting characters, and she takes her time in developing all the relationships. Cals protective mother Lynn and his stoic father Jim have their own absorbing side story. This book was written in 1997 so youll notice some outdated references like VCRs and VH1 music videos (Remember them?), but the story stands the test of time in every other regard.

(This isn't the way genetics work, and a genius scientist like Jane ought to know that.) She doesn't want to use a sperm bank because she thinks all sperm donors are medical students, so they'd be too smart. It doesn't matter whether women or men do it more often (it's appalling either way), but the perception that women do it contributes to the widespread rape-culture belief that women are untrustworthy in sexual matters like, whether we're using contraceptives when we say we are, whether we're faithful in relationships when we say we are, whether our lovers can trust us when we tell them they're the father of our babies, and whether (and these are the big ones) we really mean it when we say no and whether we're truthful when we claim we've been raped. Anyway, it takes two tries (where Jane's lies are increasingly desperate and the sex is bad in a way that SEP intends to be comic but isn't) for her to succeed in getting pregnant. Jane knows her behavior is reprehensible, but she somehow rationalizes that it's okay as long as she doesn't let herself enjoy the sex. 50.) As an aside, given that Jane is a genius scientist, I might have been more okay with the secret-baby premise if SEP had written her as truly lacking in social skills, perhaps on the autism spectrum, a la Jennifer Ashley's The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie. Nevertheless, Cal's moral code requires him to be faithful even in the bonds of a fake marriage, and Jane is a weak woman, so they have plenty of sex even as they snarl and humiliate each other.

Written March 31, 2015 4.7 Stars - Another great favorite in the best kind of fun and cozy romance novel by an always delivering "champion writer" in this genre Another great and entertaining Susan Elizabeth Phillips book. I listened to audiobooks, faultlessly narrated by Anna Fields: #7 - Natural Born Charmer (4.1 stars) #5 - This Heart of Mine (4 stars) All four hilarious fun and touching romantic contemporary romances.

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