The Chocolate Lovers' Club

The Chocolate Lovers' Club

by Carole Matthews

THE CHOCOLATE LOVERS' CLUB brings together four very different women with one thing in common: they can't resist chocolate.

Lucy Lombard can't resist it - rich, creamy, sweet, delicious chocolate.

Together they form The Chocolate Lovers' Club.

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Imagine if someone told you they were going to give you a beautiful, ribbon-tied box of Godiva chocolates (or better, handmade, fresh cream-filled Mozarts flown over from Vienna that day), you'd be really looking forward to that.

I especially like how this book is told from Lucy's perspective, but we get to follow the three other women as well from a third person perspective. I like this book exactly because of the above-mentioned reasons and I'm definitely going to pick up the second book whenever I'm in the mood for another fluffy, chocolaty read.

She looks elsewhere to satisfy her sexual needs, which in turn creates a situation that forms a major element of the narrative. Lucys voice is first person, and her story is the dominant one in the book. In the early chapters I was very taken with the spirited, fun-loving Lucy, but she began to pall on me as the book progressed. Certainly Lucys story lines dominate the narrative, and I wonder if her overwhelming presence throws the harmony of the novel off-balance. While I was reading, two well-known British characters came to my mind - I see elements of Bridget Jones in Lucy, and also the young Cockney P.A. Natalie, who plays to Hugh Grants Prime Minister in the movie Love Actually. It seemed to me that the author kept tossing elements of both into the Lucy mix, which created a bit of a mess. The fifth major character in this book is Chocolate.

Plot The story revolves around four friends - Lucy, Autumn, Nadia and Chantal. With so much going on in their lives and with so much to discuss, they meet and drown their sorrows in rich, creamy, sweet, delicious chocolates. My favorite in this book would be the supporting character of Lucy's boss who they call, 'Crush'. I liked the friendship aspect of this book and how close they are. A warning though - if you love chocolates then this book will make you crave for them like crazy because there is a lot of chocolate in this story.

Published: 2007 Author: Carole Matthews This book revolves around Autumn, Nadia, Lucy and Chantal and of course chocolate.

2. The consumation of chocolate was a bit excessive. I will probably continue the series at a time where I am indecisive as to what to pick up or need a light easy read.

I would like to believe no self-respecting young woman wants to read and sympathize with so vapid and annoying a main character.

The book The Chocolate Lovers' Club is definitely a 'chick' novel.

An entertaining, funny and courageously honest story about four women who meet regularly in a chocolate cafe called Chocolate Heaven, run by a gay couple, and devour amazing chocolate creations while sharing the latest ups and downs in their lives. Lucy, despite her fairly low self-image, is romanced by Marcus, her boss, Aiden, and a sexy man she met at Chocolate Heaven, Jacob. The amount of chocolate the women eat in this book was actually a bit nauseating. Lucy narrates her story in first-person present tense. Chantal, Nadia and Autumn's chapters are all in third person past tense. Lucy is the ringleader, the founder of the club of chocolate addicts, and definitely a protagonist - it's she who comes up with a dare-devil plan to get back Chantal's jewellrey after the "shag and shaft", as she so delicately puts it. Why Matthews opted for present tense for Lucy is also odd, but strangely that works as well. It actually makes the past tense chapters sound odd instead, and gives Lucy's personal life a sense of urgency. (Maybe I was a little slow in picking up on what he did for a living - end of their second date, it was - and maybe not.) There is a sequel to this book, The Chocolate Lovers' Diet, and maybe they get more of a chance there.

Carole Matthews is an international bestselling author of hugely successful romantic comedy novels.