Too Busy Not to Pray: Slowing Down to Be With God

Too Busy Not to Pray: Slowing Down to Be With God

by Bill Hybels

The 10th-anniversary edition of this popular book challenges you to take time to pray, to listen to God, to respond to what God is saying to you, and to overcome prayer barriers.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Prayer
  • Rating: 4.16
  • Pages: 191
  • Publish Date: April 1st 1998 by InterVarsity Press
  • Isbn10: 0830819711
  • Isbn13: 9780830819713

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Too Busy not to Pray (Slowing down to be with God) Bill Hybels Inter-Varsity Press ISBN: 0-85111-329-X I read this book as part of the preparation for the week of prayer at Christ Church. Many years ago I read "Listening to God" and found it very helpful. Applying some of the suggestions in here improved my prayer life, but over a period of time things get stale, thats how I am (and how most people are , I think). As a way to improve or perhaps establish your personal prayer life this is a useful read.

Here are a just a few (paraphrased) lines from the book which particularly resounded with me (recently returned to God): -"Prayer is an unnatural activity...alien to our proud human nature". -"It is hard for God to release his power in your life when you put your hands in your pockets". Yes, I've returned to God but this doesn't mean I now think anyone who doesn't, or, who practices a religion that does not involve the belief of Jesus Christ as their savior, is doomed.

This study challenged us to slow down in our busy lives & take the time to pray.

Ive come to realise that for a while my style of prayer may have been good and even right but without due care and attention the adopted style can translate into routine whereby the words become babbling since deep thought is not placed upon the words spoken, which is less of a communication and more of a recitalmay God help us all as we take a deeper look into our prayer life as challeged to do so by Bill Hybel.

Then the words to a song came to him and made him realize he had been stressing on all of his inadequacies, but knew that God was adequate to make it happen. When he focused on God's adequacy instead of his inadequacy he was able to move forward and give a great talk.

This book sat on my shelf for a long time because I thought I'd already read it. However, in this book (which was written nearly 20 years earlier) really focuses on Hybels struggles with prayer and how he has worked (and work is an important word) to improve his prayer life. 12 - "God's power flows primarily to people who pray." p. A 'prayer warrior' is a person who is convinced that God is omnipotent - that God has the power to do anything, to change anyone and to intervene in any circumstance." p. Decisions that change the entire course of your life come out of the holy of holies, your times of stillness before God."

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and reading it was timely for me as I have been trying to make my prayers more meaningful and to better my relationship with my Heavenly Father. I need to find times of stillness and solitude where I can pray and listen.

After discussing potential roadblocks--like holding grudges or sins we haven't given up--the author offers very practical suggestions on praying. Divide your journal page with 2 titles: "Yesterday"--an examination and recording of yesterday's highlights; and then today's "Prayer" using A.C.T.S. to focus your prayerful thoughts Adoration/Confession/Thanksgiving/Supplications.

Good book on a very important topic-our conversations with your creator.

This book really encouraged me and showed me pragmatic ways to freshen up my prayer life, the pitfalls to look for and the importance and how-to for pushing past the feelings and into the presence of God.

Bill Hybels is the founding and senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois, a non-denominational church with eight regional locations in the Chicago area. Telecast live from Willow Creeks 7,000-seat South Barrington auditorium each August, more than 400,000 pastors and community leaders attend the Summit at hundreds of locations across North America, and around the world at 675+ sites in 130 countries and 60 different languagesmaking it the largest event of its kind on the planet.