銀河英雄伝説 2 野望篇 [Ginga eiyū densetsu 2]

銀河英雄伝説 2 野望篇 [Ginga eiyū densetsu 2]

by Yoshiki Tanaka

Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Book 2, Ambition)Book two of Yoshiki Tanaka's ten volume space opera. Set somewhere in distant space around the 35th century (the late eighth century of the story's "Space Era"), Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a story of the epic struggle between the monarchic Galactic Empire and the democratic Free Planets Alliance.

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Like, yes, these are space opera light novel pulp, and the writing varies from lilac to eggplant in its degree of purple, but GOD THEY'RE SO GOOD.

Nevermind that, the story in this one was quite simple: instead of three big battles like in the first book, it was about civil war breaking out in Galactic Empire because the old emperor died, and then Reinhard figured out something: if they are having civil war, why not make Free Planets Alliance have one as well? Put one Arthur Lynch with a very big grudge against Yang Wen-li, and you have the perfect formula for screwing things up. In the meantime, new cast is introduced, some have bigger roles, some develop further, some remain childish (come on Yang, seriously - even the book said so!). Bless Julian and his bloodlust when it comes to people threatening his adopted parent. The young, dark-haired commander leapt up and shouted, tossed the report up toward the ceiling, grabbed both hands of a dumbfounded Julian, and started dancing around the room with him. Yang stopped dancing and looked toward where the sound had come from. Good news, he said. Its looking like were gonna be able to win this somehow. In any case, this series is worth it - please read it in the honor of our lord and savior, Yang Wen-li who shares the same birthday as me.

The other nice thing is that slowly, the two main protagonists are starting to fall apart: Yang Wen-li starts to drink too much, Lohengramm starts to abandon his values. The other problem is that sometimes it's too easy: the protagonists' plans are usually good, but their opponents' plans are either nonexistent or plain stupid, and the downfall of all opponents here is not due to good planning, but due to arrogance.

Admiral Yang Wen-li is in control of Iserlohn Fortress while Imperial Marshal Reinhard von Lohengramm is furthering his political and militaristic career by forcing the monarchy of the Galactic Empire into a corner. Everything seems like a natural extension of the first novel, whether it be plot or characters, and as a result, my love for the series has only been growing over the course of volume two. This might mean that both plotlines are somewhat isolated, but also allows for both Yang and Reinhard to grow individually, within their own environments, without constantly banging heads in mighty space battles. A lot of the book spins around ambitions, power and self-deceptions on part of the players, which makes it a thematically consistent read. But Ambition is also about space battles, military action and conspiracies, all of which I felt were nicely executed and provided a good amount of challenge for the characters. The battles themselves felt well executed, and even featured a big ground assault on a space fortress, which introduced an extremely violent but somehow still appealing character in Senior Admiral Ofresser. It may seem odd that a title such as Legend of the Galactic Heroes appears to have so much bad to say about war, politics and power, but then, I think that is kind of the point.

As long as Reynolds is here to narrate, I'm here to listen, because only his talent for accents and character voices makes this book more interesting than it really is.

However if you are good you can pick up the foreshadowing of what's to come.

Kitabn açklar lk olarak yetenek ve yeteneksiz arasndaki farka deinen bir okuyucu (Philipp)= "Dahilerin planlar genelde iyi, fakat kar tarafn ya aptalca bir plan var ya da yok, kaybedenler genelde kendilerini beenmilikten, bakalarnn fikirlerini umursamamaktan kaybediyorlar, kar tarafn plannn iyi olmasndan deil." yazm Ben de bir kaç ar falso yazaym: Bucock eer Hür Gezegenler Birliinin istilada yiyecek sknts sebebiyle savamadan kaybetmi olduunu bildii halde sorumluluu üstüne alp emri verseydi uykudaki General uyanncaya kadar geri çekilme balam olurdu. Ama Hür Gezegenler Birliinde tepeden inme olmad sava kaybedenler ya öldüü ya da pasif göreve alnd göz önüne alnrsa sava kazanan, yetenek gösteren yetenekli subaylarn bir ksm yeteneksiz komutanlarn yannda ölse dahi doal seleksiyon gerei Hür Gezegenler Birliinin daha çok iyi ve yetenekli komutana sahip olmas gerekirdi. Kitabn Trünicht ve Yang karlamas bölümü benim için çok skcyd. Bunun yannda yazarn uzay savalar hakknda öngörü ve vizyon eksiklii de benim için istek öldürücü. Yazarmz ilk ciltte teknolojik ilerleme ile kazanlan bir sava olmamtr diye iddia etmi, ama teknolojiyi ve sava ilmini takip etmemesi yüzünden romann 1950lerde yazlm olduu gibi bir duyguya da kaplmadm deil.

After spending a significant portion of the first novel dealing with world-building and establishing characters and situations, the second novel of the Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a stronger, more confident affair both in writing and translation. In this novel the Alliance and Empire sides are much more separate as they are each dealing with internal affairs, but still links exist between both stories.

I continue to think highly of the original anime adaptation of this story in the way it managed to capture and enhance the emotional character matters put in the book.

Tanaka is an avid fan of Chinese history and wrote some novels set in China.