Tuesday Night at the Blue Moon

Tuesday Night at the Blue Moon

by Debbie Fuller Thomas

And wants desperately for God to heal her family.For Andie, tall and blonde like Marty, being forced to live with strangers is just one more reason not to trust anyone.

Her soul is as beat up as the rundown Blue Moon Drive-In the family owns.

And as Andies hopes grow fade, healing comes from the last place she wanted or expectedthe hurting family and loving God she fought so hard to resist.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Christian Fiction
  • Rating: 3.68
  • Pages: 368
  • Publish Date: June 1st 2008 by Moody Publishers
  • Isbn10: 0802487335
  • Isbn13: 9780802487339

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"Imagine, you wake up one day and someone tells you your parents were given the wrong bundle at the hospital, like the tags were switched on a gift under the Christmas tree, and this stranger claims you. But I enjoyed this heartfelt, inspirational novel for all that it is; a wonderful human interest drama encompassing non-traditional family dynamics, dysfunction, single-parenting, grief recovery, teenage rebellion, and senior adult challenges. Did a "normal" family exist anymore?" Told from two perspectives, mother Marty and 'daughter' Andie.

I love young adult books, I love women's fiction, and with the every-other-chapter viewpoint switch, this was a double dose of delicious.

I should've read this one years ago.

1989 Ernest & Regina Twiggs take Bob Mays to court for the custody of their biological daughter, Kimberly Mays; 10 years old and the only child of Bob Mays. Thru blood work and tests done after Arelenas death Ernest and Regina found out that their healthy daughter was given to another family at birth. After this discovery the Twiggs became determined to make Kimberly Mays apart of their lives. When this case comes to court they discover that Andie is living in an adult community in a trailer park where children are not allowed!! Marty is given temporary custody until the grand parents can sell their trailer and live in a place where children are welcome and they dont have to hide Andie. I loved how Debbie brought depth to the many characters in this story and their situation. I like how the author gives you the feel of going behind the scene of this story as its told by having Martys Point of View told first. Unlike the Twiggs Vs Mays custody battle I mentioned earlier Marty had compassion for her child; a sense of God and a desire to do the right thing. I love how the author shows both Marty and Andie struggling in their own ways with their present situation; trying to piece the past together and make sense of their future. Debbie Thomas does a great job of showing how this tough situation has effected everyones life not just Marty and Andie. Marty ponders a story in the bible where two women come before King Solomon with a baby. Marty asks God to help her do the right thing. After a 5 year battle Kimberly took Ernest and Regina to court and wanted to divorce her biological parents. She told Barbara Walters in an interview aired for all the world to see I want my life back the way it was before the Twiggs entered my life as my natural parents. Youll have to read this amazing story to find out where God leads Marty and Addie!!

After learning that her biological daughter had been recently orphaned she decided to fight for custody. Her biological daughter's name is Andrea and her parents were killed in an accident in Mexico while they were on vacation leaving Andie, as she liked to be called, orphaned and living with her elderly grandparents. She realizes her Grandparents don't really want to finish raising her, she doesn't want to live with her Uncle Greg in Canada and doesn't feel she'll ever fit in with Marty's family but, healing comes from the last place she ever expected or wanted - the hurting family and loving God she fought so hard to resist.

My favorite quote comes at the end of the book... Then, miraculously, like a jealous parent, God comes to reclaim us. When you look at it that way, I guess you could say we're all switched at birth." That's about the most you read about God, it is very subtle in this book, it's there, but not pushed at all.

So we see Marty as she deals with having loved the daughter she raised and yet want to insert herself into Andie's life now.

Dealing with a child who has a fatal genetic illness, finding out your baby was switched at birth, divorce and family relationships, blended families, old age and single parenthood, and faith are all dealt with during the course of the plot.

The emotions are real and the unique two-prong 1st person POV characters of Marty and Andie cause the reader to understand both viewpoints.