Delaney's Desert Sheikh

Delaney's Desert Sheikh

by Brenda Jackson

But when she reluctantly agreed to share a secluded cabin with an arrogant sheikh bent on seduction, she found herself enrolled in a crash course in human sexuality.

Jamal Ari Yassir had intended to school Delaney in sensuality for his pleasure, but his plan backfired.

Instead of loving and leaving her, he became engulfed by an irresistible passion for his sexy-as-sin cabin mate.

  • Series: The Westmorelands
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 4.36
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: November 1st 2002 by Harlequin Books
  • Isbn10: 0373764731
  • Isbn13: 9780373764730

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Delaney is a 25-year-old virgin and pediatrician. Jamal is an Arabian prince with very woman-hating views. It all starts when Jamal first gets a glimpse of Delaney's ass: Mesmerized. They would come to his apartment, which was located in his own private section of the palace, and pleasure him any way he wanted. There was also Najeen, the woman who had been his mistress for the past three years. But he's not the only woman-hater in the book. Delaney has five brothers, and they are all overprotective louts who hound and stalk her constantly, never giving her any privacy and hassling any man who looks at her. It was a longstanding joke within the family that her youngest brother wanted a wife who he could keep in the bedroom 24/7. If you can manage to brush aside the misogyny, which you most likely can't, the book is a hilarious laughfest of bad sex and worse writing. What could be normal about wanting to stick your tongue down a woman's throat to see how far it could go? What was normal about wanting to suck her tongue forever if necessary to get the taste he was beginning to crave? Also strange is the scene where Delaney and Jamal get in the hot tub and he starts playing with her vulva and breasts with his feet. "I'm not a woman who makes a habit of getting into a man's bed," she said softly, feeling the need to let him know where she stood... "We don't have to use a bed if you don't want. Would you sleep with a man just for the pleasure it would give you?" You're not getting it, jackass. In fact, he wanted to smother in the sexual scent their bodies had created. He also does bizarre stuff like jabs a hole in her pantyhose with his finger while he's driving so that he can finger her while driving. He uses a condom the first two times, but then is like, "Fuck it." and just has tons and tons of unprotected sex with her. They don't discuss it, they don't mention it, they just stop using condoms even though they have boxes of them and KNOW he's engaged to marry another woman and he's going back to Tahran in three weeks and she's never going to see him again. Tl;dr - An extremely bizarre and silly and woman-hating book.

I was so happy to finally read a book where the sheikh wanted a woman of color, particularly an African American woman. Another great thing about this book is Delaney is about to start her final residency to be a doctor. I dearly want to see more romance novel heroines who are highly educated and are in a specialized profession, particularly science.

All I want to know is where can I get me a desert sheikh, who will denounce his thrown and alienate his people just for me (if necessary), OKAY!!!

I was delighted to discover a romance where the "desert prince" lusts after a black woman. But then in the same chapter, the african-american heroine tells the love-interest that he doesn't "look american." WTF does American look like? Especially since the English language, by all rights, belongs to... right?) But the wordly Prince Oddly-Sexually-Unaware-For-A-Guy-With-A-Full-Time-Mistress refers to his junk as "the area between his thighs." Seriously, there are dozens of terms for penis if you're feeling shy. But between Delaney and Prince My-Ding-A-Ling, the phrase "area between his/her thighs" was used four times. The heroine falls in love with the hero in a single week. In this case, Allah, God of Islam, makes his first and only appearance just to tell Prince Forgot-To-Use-A-Condom that Delaney was preggo. Bravo.) Also, for some weird reason, the hero kept mentioning Delaney's scent.

It was nice for there to be so little emphasis on the interracial element.

I thought, with this being one of the most highly rated romance stories on Goodreads, that the quality of it would be better than the genre's reputation. It is unfortunate that stories like this are written so poorly and simplistically, as I think it is a genre that could attract more readers if written well.

A native of Jacksonville, Florida, Brenda is the first African-American author to have a book published by Harlequin Desire and the first African-American romance author to make the New York Times and USA TODAY bestseller lists within the series romance genre.