Beer in the Snooker Club

Beer in the Snooker Club

by Waguih Ghali

This reissue of the late Waguih Ghali's only novel makes us mourn his loss all the more keenly. A plainspoken writer of consummate wryness, grace, and humor, the Egyptian author chronicles the lives of a polyglot Cairene upper crust, shortly after the fall of King Farouk, who are thoroughly unprepared to change their neo-feudal ways. This is the best book to date about post-Farouk Egypt.-Sylvie Drake, Los Angeles Times

  • Language: English
  • Category: Fiction
  • Rating: 4.00
  • Pages: 222
  • Publish Date: November 2nd 1999 by New Amsterdam Books
  • Isbn10: 0941533816
  • Isbn13: 9780941533812

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On the surface, this is a coming of age novel and a story about the unrequited love between a Coptic Egyptian of communist beliefs and a Jewish woman living in Egypt. While Im not sure how much of this, if any, is autobiographical, what we do know is that Ghali took his own life in the home of writer, Diana Athill, just a few years after its publication. Ghali knows about love. Ram finds this person in Edna, an affluent young Jewish woman living in Egypt, although she trots the globe from England, Switzerland, Israel, and South Africa. This is one of the most thematically substantive books Ive read. And when I say themes, I mean these were ideas that were very powerfully displayed and not minor in scope: The effect of British imperialism on Egyptians The sprouting political beliefs of revolution The poor vs. Theres so much I loved, I think a further list is best: The dialogue pilots this book. Theres lots of drinking and good times and the gambling and games are pivotal to the setting. Theres one last thing I loved. No matter how many times I got to the Pyramids at night, I am always awed, and the return is made in silence."

'If someone has read an enormous amount of literature, and has a thorough knowledge of contemporary history, from the beginning of this century to the present day, and he has an imagination, and he is intelligent, and he is just, and he is kind, and he cares about other people of all races, and he has enough time to think, and he is honest and sincere, there are two things can happen to him; he can join the Communist Party and then leave it, wallowing in its shortcomings, or he can become mad.