Home Song

Home Song

by LaVyrle Spencer

In Home Song, one of her most acclaimed novels, bestselling author LaVyrle Spencer explores the fragile bonds that exist between family members, the strength it takes to hold them together, and the true meaning of unconditional love.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.83
  • Pages: 432
  • Publish Date: October 15th 1999 by Berkley Trade
  • Isbn10: 0425171272
  • Isbn13: 9780425171271

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Now on the reread I see things a bit differently, however I think LS missed the mark on this one, mainly cause she had a definite agenda in pushing the putting kids first in a marriage no matter what goes on in the relationship between the parents. Since this book was written in 1995 amidst a lot of culture wars about broken homes etc, this is an understandable agenda, no one likes to see the pain of divorce but in doing this LS missed an opportunity to really show the nuts and bolts of making a marriage work after a betrayal and in presenting Claire (the betrayed wife) as being irrationally jealous and angry, she denies a lot validity to the very real effects of betrayal (even 18 years later) and the pressure and strain it puts on people. Tom freely admits he screwed Kent's mum cause he did not want to be married and he felt railroaded and he did not love Claire when he married her but he sorta "grew into it". At no time did Tom ever acknowledge that he was hurting for Claire the woman, his thoughts were all, "I miss my house and my kids and my wife" - even now 18 plus years later it isn't Claire the person he is missing, but the object "his wife" who completes his happy family, sterling character self image. Tom just can't acknowledge that he has essentially lied to the one person who is supposed to matter most for 18 years and yet when he thinks Claire might be stepping out on him, his first thoughts are "If you have had him, I don't want you back", this makes absolutely no sense in his situation unless,(and sadly I have come to this conclusion), your a completely self-centered narcissistic ass. Forget his abandonment and callous dismissal of a girl he used and forget that he only married Claire because he "had" to - (someone held a gun to his head?)- Tom is sad and hurt and devastated cause his mistakes have come home to roost and embarrass his kids and his wife - although I noticed he is very proud of himself for being the sperm donor for a pretty good 17 year old boy - Tom the stud, he thinks. Claire wants to move out but Tom vetoes this and moves out himself, thus making Claire the bad guy again cause "she kicked Dad out". However this would mean Tom might have to admit he did something wrong and this would not work for making Claire irrationally evil. What could have been a great story of betrayal and redemption gets lost in the self-aggrandizement of an egotist and the unstanched wounds of a betrayed woman who makes the mistake of thinking her kids are more important than her self worth plus being able to look at her spouse with unalloyed respect and trust. I did not get a happy feeling at the end, just a sense of doom and waiting for the other shoe to fall, I hate to see the marriage three years from the end of the book, cause I don't think there will be one left.

Monica has just moved to town with her teenage son, and when she enrolls him in school, Tom discovers that Kent is the result of a drunken one-nighter at his bachelor party a week before his marriage to a pregnant Claire. As with any Spencer story, this touches the heartstrings, although mine were resistant to sympathy for Tom and Claire. So of course she kicks Tom out and makes life miserable for her kids, but she's hurting, so they have to understand, don't they?!

I picked up this book at a used book sale and thought the story might have some interesting twists - there were none.

This book unfolds and lets us know just what can come of those bad choices and how they can effect our lives and others forever! Although I was married at one time and now divorced for over 8 years, and even though I wasn't the one that made that choice, this book hit home for me and how lives can come crashing down at any time.

I think the heroines reactions were completely normal.

I like LaVyle Spencer in general, but I don't think this was her best book. I mean, what are the chances that off all the schools in the US, you would move into the one at which your bio dad whom you never knew would be the principal? After enduring chapters of her harshness and how the rest of the family coped, it just seemed like it should have taken a couple of chapters for her to think about what Monica said.

Twelve of her books have been New York Times bestsellers, and Spencer was inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame in 1988. In the 1980s and 1990s Spencer wrote 12 New York Times Bestsellers.