Heart of a Champion

Heart of a Champion

by Carl Deuker

Jimmy Winter is a born star on the baseball field, and Seth Barnam can only dream of being as talented.

Still, the two baseball fanatics have the kind of friendship that should last forever.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Sports and Games
  • Rating: 4.25
  • Pages: 208
  • Publish Date: April 1st 2007 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
  • Isbn10: 0316067261
  • Isbn13: 9780316067263

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At one point I asked myself, "what have I exposed my son to?" as the content is pretty dark.

Even if youre not a fan of baseball or you never played it once in your life or dont understand it, this book is a really easy read. One day Seth gets good news that Jimmy will be going to his high school towards the end of his freshman school year. The next year Jimmy gets moved up to varsity, but Seth stays down at JV. Jimmy and Franks start to go out drinking with the other teammates and doing things that they used to do with Seth. Jimmy and Franks who are the two best players on the team get suspended on the biggest game of the year because they got caught drinking. Jimmy, Franks, and Seth all played varsity the following year and the team was predicted to be number one.

Deuker's second novel contains the seeds of all his later successes: a multi-year story of an athlete falling in love with a sport; characters with athletic skill and moral conflicts; difficult decisions, and lots of play-by-play. I think that's a shame because Deuker's love of the game brightens the books and balances out the darkness comes in with some of the plot conflict.

Plot Summary: The plot of this book begins with a kid by the name of Seth talks about how is father is dead and tells how he died. After this Seth says he goes to a baseball park and sees a kid named Jimmy playing baseball with his dad. Then the next year as sophomores Jimmy makes the varsity team along with another sophomore named Todd while Seth gets stuck on JV. Jimmy and Todd have a great baseball season and even make the newspapers while Seth's team is lackluster and don't even finish with a winning record. They play the best team in the conference and win but that night Seth gets a call from a kid on the team and is told Jimmy was in a car accident. Todd: We first meet Todd in his freshman year if high school and at first he is a kid who kinda thinks he's all that and should be treated better then everyone else.

jimmy is a great baseball player the best on his team and seth loves baseball but he isnt the best at it hes good but not like jimmmy. even though they were a good team it wasnt always because of jimmy they were doing really well all of them but jimmy was having his best year but late in the season he got suspened for cuting classes and staying home when ever he felt like it.

His father enjoyed doing golf and wanted Seth to golf also, but Seth's favorite sport was baseball. I thought this book was really good I enjoyed reading it.

If I would try to write a book as good as this one, I would be off by a long shot.

At the beginning of the book jimmy winter was young and his dad was really supportive and helped his son and his best friend, but more through out the story he became more abusive and was beginning to have a drinking problem. Another point that really caught my eye was the problem teens face with alcohol and being pressured or even wanting to try new things. A big state in the book was that it covered some of the struggles that a student athlete can face on and off the field. Being a student athlete myself made this part interesting because I do try my best to keep up but it does get hard over time and anyone who misses so much of school can easily get lost, which is still no excuse to miss any assignments or anything. From all the parents problems, alcohol problems, and the way he explained the struggles of being a student athlete are all reasons why I gave this book a 5/5 stars.

I can relate to this book because I have a great love for baseball. The father, Mr. Winter, and son, Jimmy, invited Seth to play some baseball with them. Jimmy and his mother move away and Seth is heartbroken that he just lost his best friend. Seth continues to play baseball and even plays jimmy once in the year, Seth's team loses. Seth and Jimmy catch up where they left off and are still great friends. The next year Jimmy and Todd are on varsity and Seth is left to play on JV by himself. The team plays the game for Jimmy and they win but end up losing in the first round of the playoffs. Jimmy Winter: The book also introduces him in the eighth grade.

Seth, the main character, loved to play baseball with his best friend Jimmy. Seth had a passion for baseball along with his friend Jimmy. Todd, another friend of Seth and Jimmy, played baseball with them all through high school. Seth, Jimmy, and Todd had been playing baseball with each other for about four years. Recommendation I would recommend this book to any high school baseball player around the age fifteen to seventeen, because that's when men are more passionate about sports.