Beauty's Punishment

Beauty's Punishment

by A.N. Roquelaure

The delicious and erotically charged sequel to The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, from the author of Beauty's Kingdom.

This sequel to The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, the first of Anne Rice's (writing as A.N. Roquelaure) elegantly written volumes of erotica, continues her explicit, teasing exploration of the psychology of human desire.

And once again Rice's fabulous tale of pleasure and pain dares to explore the most primal and well-hidden desires of the human heart.

  • Series: Sleeping Beauty
  • Language: English
  • Category: Adult Fiction
  • Rating: 3.62
  • Pages: 233
  • Publish Date: May 1st 1999 by Penguin Books
  • Isbn10: 0452281431
  • Isbn13: 9780452281431

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Once again, I'm not rating this read because I don't think it would be fair to "hurt" this book's average rating considering I knew I wasn't going to like it (I'm not a fan of pure erotica and I'm no expert in BDSM). Just to get started, here's the plot summary given at the beginning of the 3rd book, Beauty's Release: Sold on the village auction block at dawn, Tristan soon found himself tethered and harnessed to the carriage of a handsome young Master, Nicolas, the Queen's Chronicler. Yet no sooner had the pair met and confided their shameless happiness to each other than a band of powerful enemy soldiers attacked the village, kidnapping Beauty and Tristan along with other choice slaves, including Prince Laurent, to be taken by sea to the land of a new Master, the Sultan. I mean, Beauty and Tristan were subjected to all kinds of kinky, painful and humitliating sex antics, but there was nothing new there as I'd seen it all before in the 1st book - in one word, it was "only" spanking, with a few variations to make things "interesting". I started to care for Tristan and I couldn't keep reading his scenes with the same sense of aloofness I still dedicated to Beauty's scenes. Sure, she was most likely featured in the same number of pages as Tristan, but she was still the same airheaded sub in search of her Dom introduced in the 1st book and I was bored to tears by her scenes. She was spanked by the auctioner, her new Mistress Mrs. Lockley, her Mistress' other slaves, the Captain of the Guard, his soldiers, the Master at the Place of Public Punishment, the commoners... The 1st half was quite boring, with one or two shocking scenes to jolt me awake, but the 2nd half was more engaging - and difficult to read - due to my "attachment" to Tristan.

High Fantasy, Graphically Sexual, and Exquisitely Detailed I feel that in this day and age, there are few taboo texts which still exist to embarrass the reader who unapologetically devoured the pages without regard to the outside world But the Classic Erotic Trilogy of Sleeping Beauty comes as close as possible to that point Many readers detest these books... Im not even going to try and pretend that I dont wield these books as a weapon against those who are ignorant enough about the D/s Lifestyle to believe that Fifty Shades of Grey and its fuzzy handcuff contemporaries are a representative of BDSM Not that those books arent entertaining for what they are (Modern Romance with a slightly erotic, slightly kinky kick) But lets endeavor to call a spade a spade, people Before someone gets their pretty little feelings hurt When I picked up the infamous & highly erotic The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty so many years ago, I did not know that additional books existed in the series.

I have known BDSM for a few years but there is not one person who can put up with years of degradation and humiliation every second of your daily life.

Does this make better slaves? What a way to end the book by throwing them not only into each others' arms but into the mercy of "pleasure slave" captors of a sultan from across the sea. All in all, the sexual exploration of this ongoing tale is to be enjoyed with an open mind, if not a hot libido. I know that even as I quaked with the horror that I am sure both Beauty and Tristan, as well as other princes or princesses in this tale, felt with abject humiliation and raging desire; I can only honestly state that I am inspired to try a little spanking myself...

Let's go over what this book has to offer: Prostitution (Offering your slaves bodies for money is, in fact, prostitution, and pimping) A strange form of pseudo-beastiality (They don't have sex with animals, but Anne has them dress up as such, which is just weird.) Sword handles More rape. The idea of sex in these books is so mindblowingly false it drives me crazy. Ladies, please raise your hand if you've had an orgasm by every single person you've had sex with? There is no way Beauty can possibly have screaming orgasms every time something is in put into this woman's vagina.

DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU LOVE ANIMALS. I DON'T CARE HOW HORNY YOU ARE, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU LOVE ANIMALS. Yeah, don't read this book if you love animals, especially cats.

Despite plodding through this series, I am intrigued by the story.

It's probably best to start of the review of this, the second book in the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, with a section from my review of the first book: "In order to read the Sleeping Beauty series, you mush set aside ALL of your preconceived notions about sex, sexuality, consensual sex-- all if it should have no bearing on this story. This is not "your" story, it is the fictitious account of Sleeping Beauty and the Prince who awakened her (at least in the beginning, after which it becomes a story of multiple "slaves" and their many different views on BDSM.) That above point is the key to not only reading the first book to completion, but the whole series, so I'll say it again: SET ASIDE ALL OF YOUR PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS REGARDING SEX." While I enjoyed the first book, things really got interesting once I acclimated to the unique sexuality views prevalent in the series and the plot hooked into me with deeper purchase.