Admit One: My Life in Film

Admit One: My Life in Film

by Emmett James

With wry, self-deprecating humor and observation, the author reflects on, obsesses over, and rages about film and its correlation to our pasts.

At every turn, the films that inspired Emmett James as a child resurface, and they serve to contextualize his humorous collection of stories in which he provides unique insights into the fascinating world of film.

  • Category: Nonfiction
  • Rating: 3.08
  • Pages: 220
  • Publish Date: December 30th 2007 by Wheatmark
  • Isbn10: 1587369133
  • Isbn13: 9781587369131

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The first question I have when I encounter a memoir is why did this person feel compelled to write about his life? Emmett James recounts his youthful encounters with movies and his later efforts to become a working actor in Hollywood. I was often turned off by the angry tone of the book and by Jamess less-than-generous attitude towards the people who played roles in his stories. Jamess retelling of the affect the Star Wars movies (and marketing) had on him helped me to understand other Star Wars lovers in my life. In another story, James recounts how he was a steward in the blockbuster Titanic, but then does not tell the reader anything about the shoot. In all, though, I was nonplussed by Jamess attitude and life story.

He also dreamed of one day starring in one of the films; for most of us, these are just daydreams and real life takes over but for Emmett James he really does go to Hollywood and he really does fulfil his lifelong dream, eventually having a role in the biggest grossing film of all time (at least it was when he wrote this book!).

In his memoir Admit One: My Life in Film, Emmett James takes us on a trip down his memory lane to show us events related to famous movies. Now granted, if you start reading it with the expectation to hear all about his Hollywood experience, you'll be sorely disappointed, but if you like glimpses into other people's lives and have a thing for movies, you will enjoy Admit One. While it is not all out exciting or a thrilling memoir, I enjoyed it for taking me down my own memory lane, trying to remember when I first watched the movies mentioned (ET?

Along the way he talks about some of his favorite movies and some key moments in his life and he's funny; he tells his anecdotes very well, and there's no ego. It doesn't matter what inane thing you're doing in what weather, there's the craft services food and a bunch of really interesting people to talk to, and in some ways there is nothing better in the world.

i think a lot of the stories had the potential to be funny but fell flat. the 2nd half of the book (when he moves to california) is more interesting and i did like the last chapter quite a bit.

While I'm a sucker for a well written memoir, I'm also a movie fanatic, so this book was golden for me: a man telling his life as it parallelled with the major movies in his lifetime.

It also veered from weird to uncomfortable at times, such as when he decided to impersonate an Oscar nominee (apparently easy to do because "who the hell knew what the writer I'm choosing not to repeat his name in my review but the author named him looked like anyway? A Few Quotes from the Book "So the local cinema soon became a frequent weekend event for our family, something we could all share and have an opinion on.

I read the first eleven (that's right I said eleven) chapters of Emmett James's book Admit One: My Life in Film before I caught on to fact that the author is actually an actor (hence, the title). I got it right about the time he finished hunting down a well known director that was filming in England and headed off to America to make his way in life via the craft of actor. I thought Emmett James was one of the lucky ones that came out with a great moniker or picked on up to sell his writing. This guy was in Titanic, a porn & a soap opera that claims the love story of Luke & Laura. I give the book four stars. I think if I were from England, it might have been a five star review (humor is just a little different over there).

It starts with his childhood experiences while watching the movies with his family. What I enjoyed most was the second half of the book. Thats when he leaves Britain for America to try his hand in Hollywood. At times I didnt quite like the things he did but then again I have to applaud his honesty and guts to own up to his actions. I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to everybody.

Emmett James has been in love with movies his whole life. He can remember his first movie at the age of about three, Walt Disney's The Jungle Book, which he largely slept through. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial inspired a love for the BMX bike and eventually led to a short lived life of teen crime, causing his parents to move the whole family from London to Cambridgeshire, a fate worse than death to the author. Emmett's love of films inspire him to be an actor and so, at the first opportunity, he moves himself to Hollywood looking for his own piece of the American Dream.

In addition to acting, he has produced, taught, and directed film, stage, and television productions in Hollywood and London.