Deadly Terror: The Return of William White, Part II

Deadly Terror: The Return of William White, Part II

by Francine Pascal

Immortally yours...William White's reign of terror continues.Elizabeth Wakefield thought she was seeing things when William White came back into her life.

But William actually survived the accident she believe had killed himand he's changed.

He breezed into Elizabeth's life just when her love for Tom Watts was falling apart.

Once Elizabeth succumbs to William's spell, he's going to make her pay for everything she put him through...and he's going to love every minute of it....

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I do remember being bored by everyone's Virtual Reality dreams who wasn't Liz or perhaps Lila, but I still found it way more intriguing than I would find it now. Without further hemhawing: When we last left our fair maiden at the end of Part 1, she was clutching a white rose and seeing William White in front of her for the first time. We open with William persuading Liz that he is back, he is alive and well, and he has changed. Liz doesn't know what to say, other than to protest him being alive (in her defense, she was just mindfucked by Virtual Reality). She immediately tells Jessica that she saw William White. Jess goes a little pale for a moment until Liz tells her that William is swearing that he has changed. Jess perks right on up, since she doesn't have time for Liz's petty little problems with a psychopath. Liz says that he tried to give her a white rose again. Jessica believing William should be the first red flag. The good old Detective lets her Liz know that HE KNEW that William was not dead this whole time but "he didn't want to worry" her. Tom shows up at the door to see why Liz was in such distress. Instead of Liz being glad that she has an awesome boyfriend to come make sure she's okay, she gets snappy and short with him and says that she has to go to the library to work on a new archiving project (like the one in your Virtual Reality dream, Liz? Tom is miffed that she doesn't want to spend time with him and collapses on Liz's bed. As soon as you read that it becomes so very clear as to what exactly is going to happen with Liz and William White later on. Liz comes out of the passageways up into the slightly better lit basement rooms where Shakespeare has been temporarily moved. This is the perfect opportunity for William to stalk - I mean talk - with Liz. He creeps around and tries to get her to listen to reason. Liz is wavering and thinking that maybe Jessica is right, maybe he really has changed. Tom comes over the next day to see Liz's reaction to the flowers he sent her. Liz is a prude, and if she would have sex with Tom she wouldn't feel the need to stray from him all the time since she'd keep coming back for more. Lila has a bug up her ass from the Virtual Reality Fair (I can't remember what her dreams were about though!), and she has no interest in shopping with Jessica. Lila is getting sick of all this nonsense, so she tells Jessica just to borrow the jewelry for one night, and then she leaves. Liz is at the dorm receiving more flowers - this time from William. Accompanied with these flowers is a note asking Liz to meet him in the library at 2:00. Throughout the book she does not once even check William's statements to see if he is telling her the truth. They are going back to the mall - so LIZ can convince the jeweler to lend Jessica a necklace. Liz hasn't yet realized that she's codependent, so she thinks (as usual) that she can hold out against Jessica. Jessica and Liz storm out to head to the mall, and Tom decides to follow them. Jess and Liz are at the mall to get the necklace for Jess (and to be stalked by Tom). I am completely bored by this filler plot, so I will go ahead and tell you that of course Jessica gets the necklace she wants (the most expensive one). Liz finally notices she's being followed, and while Jess heads back to the Gap or something for a sweater, she confronts the stalker who turns out to be... Tom. They have a huge fight in the middle of the store, and Jess and Liz stalk off back to the SVU quad. There they find William, fresh from a session with Dr. Denby, who just advised him that maybe it would be okay to bump into Liz at the quad or the library, if he is only trying to get her to see that he's changed. *facepalm* That night William throws pebbles at Liz's room and asks if he can come up, and she lets him. Tom sees all this merrymaking, and can tell from the silhouettes in Liz's dorm that she is about to kiss someone, and it isn't Jessica. Tom and Liz are now broken up. (Did you guess that William stole it while he was over in order to magically make it appear later so he can win back Liz? However, we get an epic exchange between Liz and Tom where he basically tells her that he will NOT help her, and he is sick of her being Jessica's wingman. When Liz asks what Jess has ever done to Tom, he says, "That's a can of worms you really don't want to open." God, I love Tom so much. Liz decides to turn to William, the one person who can understand her. No matter, Jessica is happy as a peach and gives Liz permission to be with William as long as she lives. William asks Liz out again, and she finally agrees to meet him for a date on Friday. William claims to know all the secret passageways since his family built the library. After eating a bit, William leads Liz down to the dark passageways where she's been doing her cataloging. Tom finally realizes that Liz isn't cheating on him (except that she is), she's just busy at the library as she claimed to be this whole time. Liz finds out that William has been living in one of the rooms down in the dungeon (excuse me, basement). Liz starts making out with him, but then she abruptly pulls away and tells him that she wants to take things very, very, veryyyy slowly. He's a psychic.) Liz screams but keeps plowing on until she finds that old bookcase with the magic lever from earlier in the book. William comes to the bookcase and knows that she couldn't have escaped. I need a break from Jess & Liz. They make my head hurt.

(Tom Watts is an enormous bag of dicks.) Meanwhile, William White is totally Not Dead, if you couldn't figure out from the title, and is in fact seeing a psychiatrist, and intent on courting Elizabeth because he really really loves her and is not trying to kill her. tries to kill her.

Francine Pascal (May 13, 1938 ) is an American author best known for creating the Sweet Valley series of novels.