Shadow And Silk

Shadow And Silk

by Ann Maxwell

Starting over with a new career after a bitter divorce, Dani Warren is approached by ex-mercenary Shane Crowe, who seeks her help in locating a sacred Tibetan treasure.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.86
  • Pages: 432
  • Publish Date: January 1st 1997 by Zebra
  • Isbn10: 0821755471
  • Isbn13: 9780821755471

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Shane works for Risk Limited, and is trying to retrieve the silk. The thief ends up dead, and Shane rescues Dani rather than the silk. The Harmonys chief thug gets the silk, the red Chinese continue their search, and Dani and Shane escape across Tibet. Dani and Shane continue to pursue the silk from the Caribbean to Puget Sound while their attraction gets steadily more intense. But there is a complication (isnt there always?) Shane has sworn a limited vow of celibacy, something that heroine doesnt find out until its much too late. Originally released as The Ruby (and under the Ann Maxwell pen name), it has been re-released (and I believe re-written) as Whirlpool under the Elizabeth Lowell name.

The book felt choppy too, like she wrote the book in spurts, with month breaks in between.

Just when I was wondering how things would play out with Shane and Danielle, the author throws a wrench in and switches to a whorenot really though, because she doesnt sleep with the guys, she hires other girls to do that, and decorates her house in October for Christmas and has items for each of the mens religions. Wow. Id like to believe that the world doesnt have people like this, and I certainly dont want to read about them in books. and I cant believe someone would even put a character like this in a book and do that crap. And I like Shane too. Idk if they had their own book before this, or if the author just didnt think it was necessary to provide readers with any background info, but whatever the case I didnt really know anything about their relationship and felt so lost. The way they talked was hard to figure out and I get the Gillespie was from another country and so had different sayings and phrases, but the author didnt even say what any of them meant! I didnt know much about Redpath either, and Idk if she picked up the words from Gillespie or what. Gillespie said things like tickety-boo, bugger me and wankers. I found it really ironic that the author had Shane say theres nothing worse for a covert operation than sex and its going to be hell, lady. And are you sure the 3 years didnt happen in this book? While they were in Aruba Gillespie had packed Dani a butt-floss bakini and I was waiting for Dani to wear it and them go out on the beach together to have some romantic moments, if only to keep up the appearance of being a happy couple, but of course, it didnt happen. She kept calling him a Zen cyborg which I didnt really know what it meant, it sounded like geeky, nerdy language to me. Then she knows what a Charlie Foxtrot means, and mentions a circle-jerk to Shane and Gillespie. The author could make it easy and actually tell readers what theyre saying but I guess thatd be too much trouble. And Shane and Gillespie are talking about Katyas sex life and Dani pipes up with is this like a look Ma, no hands thing? I thought she was interesting before that, particularly her relationship with Gillespie and I wanted to see if she had her own story, but when she went to the bookstore and was critically studying the gothic girl behind the counter I didnt like her at all. When Shane got to Katyas house it got a little sleazy and I didnt like the thoughts he was having. There was a whore having sex with one of Katyas men, and Shane thought Ride em, cowgirl. Why didnt the author just have him stay outside and watch the whores go to work, the way he seemed so approving of it. The author changed perspectives and gave thoughts of all the characters with no warning whatsoever. I didnt even feel like reading the wordy parts, and there were lot of those. I wondered if the author herself knew what she was talking about, or if it really was just confusing like I thought it. And Dani still believes he doesnt like her so shes all heartbroken, and then he appears and the Prasam Dhamsa gives them the silk and wraps it around them. Shane made the comment that even if they dont get married theyll still be connected, and Dani didnt even really correct it. And I guess the author didnt either because she didnt make 1 thing happen between them the entire book. I can barely even talk about their relationship because I was in complete and utter shock that Katya was turned on by cold vodka bottles and having her private part bitten until it drew blood, and turned on the sight of Kasatonin bleeding and there being a struggle during sex. This author is twisted to even come up with something like this. Im not impressed with the author, and I bought this book for $1 along with another of hers so Im really dreading that one after this thing.

(1)romance author aka Lowell Charters, Elizabeth Lowell, A.E. Maxwell individually and with co-author/husband Evan Maxwell and Annalise Sun. Ann Maxwell has written over 60 novels and one non-fiction book. Writing as Ann Maxwell, she began her career in 1975 with a science fiction novel, Change. Ann and Evan (writing as Ann Maxwell) have published four suspense novels, the most recent of which is Shadows and Silk.