Million-Dollar Love-Child

Million-Dollar Love-Child

by Sarah Morgan

Kimberley Townsend's little boy is in danger, and the only person who can help is his father, Brazilian billionaire Luc Santoro.

Luc doesn't know his son even exists, and believes Kimberley to be a lying gold digger.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Category Romance
  • Rating: 3.44
  • Pages: 186
  • Publish Date: October 24th 2006 by Harlequin Presents
  • Isbn10: 0373125828
  • Isbn13: 9780373125821

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So frustrating when such a talented writer wastes her ability to write a love story by writing about a disgusting man and idiot woman who luck into a poor, defenseless child they can TOTALLY screw up. But I don't think this wasn't really a secret baby book because heroine tried several times to tell Luc about her pregnancy, including by staging a visit to his office to beg for an appointment...he had her escorted to the airport to make sure she left the country. He seduced and emotionally abused an 18 year old girl, demanded that she quit her job and give up her apt to be his plaything, and then abandoned her without compensation, immediately moving on to rampant sex with other women for 7 years while she stays frozen. This book was about lust and how she was such a psycho that she couldn't find a good man to love because only an abuser would be "hot" to her.

He wants marriage, but he has to work for it this time around and the highlight of this story for me was when she hands him an itemized list of receipts for the money she spent while using his credit card, like buying a flat and caring for her son after he dumped her. I loved her requirements for his learning new words like compromise, flexiblity and also that he couldn't spend all his time with her in bed.

Her six year-old son is being threatened in London and she takes off to Brazil to get the ransom/blackmail money and stays for two weeks having scorching sex with the hero? Another mark against the heroine: there is no excuse not to tell the hero he has a son until he is in danger of being kidnapped.

Seven years ago, Kimberley had an affair with billionaire Luc. It ended, she was pregnant, and he refused to take her two phone calls or see her that one time she showed up at his office. Luc doesnt believe the stuff about the son, and Kimberleys attempts to convince him are pretty half-hearted, really. However, Luc is prepared to give Kimberley her 5 million, in exchange for some sexy times. I mean, it would make sense if she was pretty surprised by the whole thing, given the way the breakup turned out, and maybe shed gone in there thinking that she could come up with some sort of repayment plan, but have sex with me on my private island for two weeks is actually a pretty light sentence. When the two weeks are up, Luc takes Kimberley back to London and is completely flummoxed to discover that the son does in fact exist. Anything else is pretty tricky to justify, because discounting all the other important stuff about family and relationships, secret baby is bad manners. If the hero is not Darth Vader and has really cut off contact, then some sort of vague form letter, sent at monthly intervals to his last known address, is probably sufficient evidence that shes at least made an attempt. The son at least gives them something to talk about, so along with the sex it all sort of works out to be a relationship, and he is a billionaire with his own island and plane, which is nothing to be sneezed at.

If one is looking for a short lustmance this is the book.

She is not able to think straight when it comes to blackmailer and the whole probable abduction situation. And how can you transfer money into account when you have no name of the receiver? And last time I checked money transfers were traceable. And how could Luc made that transfer and didn't see whose account it was? As I was not buying that mother didn't have a single picture of a child (checked what year the book was published and wondered if there were smartphones around in 2006) even if she saw him everyday. Especially if you are going to another part of the world to ask child's father for the money. She arrives at his door empty-handed and then complains that he doesn't believe her. That must be a big grudge he held, unless he was in prison for those seven years.... He saw her spending so much money and never bothered to check what she spent them on?

How pathetic can you get!?

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