House of Dreams

House of Dreams

by Brenda Joyce

Cassandra de Warenne spends her days in a quiet English manor, looking after her young niece while her sister Tracey lives the glamorous life of a jet-setter.

When Cass meets Tracey's newest conquest, Antonio de la Barca, she isn't prepared for the intense and immediate attraction-an attraction that heralds something deeper, more powerful, and more dangerous than Cass could ever imagine.

For the de Warennes and the de la Barcas have a tangled history of horrendous heartbreak, bitter rivalry, and bloodshed that began 450 years ago, with one woman, Isabel, forsaken and betrayed by her family, her lover and her friends.

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Same thing with: "Cass's heart turned over, hard." Please.

I had never read a Brenda Joyce book before picking up her "Deadly..." series written as BD Joyce. I am glad that this book isn't the first book that I read by this author because I am sure I would not have picked up the "Deadly..." series and would have missed out on a good thing. These people all knew a ghost was manipulating them, and yet they continued to hang out in the house. I think the book would have been much more suspenseful if everyone else had been like Tracey, truly at a loss as to what was happening and why. After all that ghostly menace, everything ended with a wimper.

Because she is easily one of the stupidest female characters I've ever read in a book. And seeing as how I've read over 700 books, that's saying something. Would you have an affair with above mentioned spineless prick after you were married to man who treated you with nothing but kindness and respect? Went away to have baby and baby has blue eyes and blonde hair. Spineless prick has blue eyes and blonde hair. Dumb-bel has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. You can say the blonde hair takes after your mother and he got your blue eyes." But what did she do? She stands up in the front of everyone and does not convert because she wants to worship God as she has been doing. But after she was married she could have done whatever she wanted because her husband is a powerful man) right before she got burned at the stake. Literally EVERYTHING that happened to Isabel was her fault and could have been avoided had she just used her bloody friggin pea-sized brain before jumping head first into stupidness.

*Reasons for the 3.5 I found parts of the book annoyingly repetitive and the characters made me mad because of some acceptance (If you've read this you know what I'm talking about.) *Reason for the grading curve I was crying and scared through the last part of the book and the story will forever be etched in my mind!

Tracey had no real interest in Alyssa and left her to be raised by Cass. She told both Cass and her aunt that she was going to marry him. They had the necklace showing and their Aunt Catherine recognized Antonio and told Cass privately that her nieces needed to stay away from Antonio because bad things would happen. It soon became apparent that Catherine had a real problem with Antonio and believed something tragic was going to happen should her nieces become involved with a member of this family. Tracey told Catherine that she was going to marry him. Alyssa told Cass to ask Tracey if she could come with them and the two sisters ended up fighting and Cass slapped Tracey because of all the mean things she said to Cass about her being jealous and not having a life. She told Cass her attorney would be contacting her regarding Alyssa and she was taking her away. Alyssa was not happy to be their with her mother and even more upset when she found out that her mother had not told Antonio they were coming and he wasn't there to meet them. Tracey called and asked Cass to come meet them in Spain to drive them to Antonio's summer home. Cass agreed to come and went to see her aunt in the hospital and told her that she was going to Spain to make sure that Alyssa returned back to England in time for school in the fall. Tracey, Alyssa, and Cass all arrived at Antonio's summer home. Antonio and Cass began working together to uncover the mystery of Isabel's death as it was her who was the link to both families. Antonio was also paying more attention to Cass and Tracey didn't like it. Alyssa wanted to go home and Cass thought she saw Isabel's face in Alyssa's. Antonio almost made love to Cass and thought he saw his missing wife's face in the window outside. Antonio and Cass felt as if the house was being haunted by Isabel and began working in earnest to find out what really happened to her. Gregory had sex with Tracey but he smelled lilacs and when he looked at her he saw the woman who had haunted him as a child. Alyssa thought it was her mother and ran outside, Eduardo, Antonio's son, followed her as well as Celia, Catherine's companion. She refused and Tracey dragged Alyssa away and threw her into a room below the house. Celia was tending to him when Cass and Antonio came back to the house. Antonio and Cass discovered that Isabel was the niece of the Earl of Sussex. Isabel was married to one of Antonio's relatives but she had a lover back home in England. One of the men who had been sent by her uncle to meet her in hopes of arranging a marriage, came to Isabel and told her that everyone in court knew about her affair with the Admiral and she needed to be careful. Her uncle was there to see her die along with Robert and Douglas trying to stop her from being burned to death. Antonio attacked Tracey and Gregory tried to attack her also. Tracey still had the knife that she had stabbed both Antonio and Gregory with. Cass tried calling to Tracey and asking her to fight Isabel's control over her mind. Tracey wasn't strong enough to fight Isabel but she tried and passed out. Isabel then tried to take control of Cassandra but Cass fought her and soon she also passed out. Antonio and Cassandra saw that Isabel's remains were moved and she was buried in England.

The characters in this story tend to be annoying. The main characters tend to sustain terrible live threatening injuries , but all survive for the happy ending.

I feel like the author got overambitious and tried to cram in too many genres at once, and what resulted was something that resembled a slasher-esque "horror" flick (complete with the stereotypical cast) sprinkled with nonexistent, cringey romance and an extra heavy dose of melodrama.

I am so horrified to see not a lot of people have read House of Dreams.

She has won many awards, and her debut novel, Innocent Fire, won a Best Western Romance award.