Calcio: A History of Italian Football

Calcio: A History of Italian Football

by John Foot

The first history of Italian football to be written in English, 'Calcio' is a mix of serious analysis and comic storytelling, with vivid descriptions of games, goals, dives, missed penalties, riots and scandals in the richest and toughest league in the world.

'Calcio' tells the story of Italian football from its origins in the 1890's to the present day.

'Calcio' evokes the triumphs (the 1982 World Cup victory) and the tragedies (Meroni, the 'Italian George Best', killed by his number one fan), set against a backdrop of paranoia and intrigue, in a country where the referee is seen as corrupt until proven otherwise.

Calcio is no longer a game.

This history of Italian football reveals all about the richest and toughest league in the world.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Sports and Games
  • Rating: 4.12
  • Pages: 592
  • Publish Date: October 1st 2007 by Harper Perennial
  • Isbn10: 0007175752
  • Isbn13: 9780007175758

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If you consider yourself a fan of The Azzurri, this book is a must. Well, I might be a poor judge on male sex appeal, but in my humble opinion, neither Luigi Riva, described as being an particularly good example of looking good, neither Salvatore Schillaci, whom the author called "somewhat ugly", do not deserve these words. :) Luigi Riva Salvatore Schillaci Second shortcoming is seemingly never criticizing referees, even when they are blatantly incompetent or even consciously unfair (Byron Moreno case). Oh, and by the way, some people in their reviews described this book as anti-Juve.

And so it is left to Foot to relay this deep-rooted mania to the Anglophone world, with the twofold advantage of being a long-time watcher of calcio up close, while being an Englishman living in Italy, a relative outsider to both Italian politics culture. Throughout the book, he also takes time to consider the subtler details that mark calcio apart from football in Italy's European neighbours: ultras, oriundi, Italians' relationship with the referee, or the concept of 'thefts', to name but a few; it's evident that Foot knows his audience, treading the fine line between careful explanation and overly dumbing-down skilfully. However, all of that should not take away from what is essential reading for anyone looking to learn about Italy's proud football tradition, and it is a book that is guaranteed to make its readers come away feeling enlightened about both calcio and the country in which it is played.

Calcio is a book which when read, adjusts your inner lens that views sport to be more focused, clear, and discerning. In other words, it is part of every football fan's essential reading list.

Een spandoek waarop 'Benvenuti in Italia' prijkt wanneer Napoli uit het Mezzogiorno op bezoek gaat bij Juventus in het Noorden is misschien nog amusant, het geweld en de agressie die de ultrà daaraan koppelen is dat in geen geval. De media- en investeringsmagnaat stond zelfs aan de wieg van Forza Italia!, de politieke partij die is genoemd naar een kreet uit het voetbal en hem uiteindelijk naar het premierschap zou leiden. Trieste was dan ook van zeer grote propagandistische waarde, in die mate zelfs dat nationaal geld werd geïnvesteerd om Triestina op het hoogste niveau te houden. Stuk voor stuk hebben zij, hun spelers, managers en presidenti een voetafdruk nagelaten in de geschiedenis van het Italiaanse calcio: het provinciale linkse Perugia van de eigengereide Gaucci, het Napoli van Maradona, catenaccio, melina, Superga Calcio is gelukkig geen chronologische opsomming van feiten en cijfers, maar leest als een cultuurgeschiedenis van Italië met Foot als gids en calcio als leidraad.