Sullivan's Woman

Sullivan's Woman

by Nora Roberts

He loomed out of the fog, like some mythic figure, but Cassidy St. John soon discovered Colin Sullivan was flesh and blood and all man.

Yet Cass intrigued him as no other woman ever had.

No, it would require more subtlety patience tenderness than he'd ever shown to make her Sullivan's woman.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.82
  • Pages: 219
  • Publish Date: July 25th 2003 by Silhouette
  • Isbn10: 0373218966
  • Isbn13: 9780373218967

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I have never read any hero quite like him. Nora Roberts has a gift for creating the most special heroes, Roarke from the In Death series is my heart, I even named my iPad after him. It became even more special to me when I started painting, and - I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH.

And he gets pissy when Cassidy refuses him, yet he pounces on her and makes advances that she doesn't want from him. I'm upset about this because if I had things in my perspective, I wouldn't expect or want Colin to make a move on me. Yet if I suddenly felt that he wanted to make things too personal, seeing as how he would get mad at me if I refused him and would force himself on me, even if they were kisses, I would not like it. Human beings are emotional as well as logical and when someone goes to all that time and effort to make a person feel attractive and even loved, to realize that it was all for sex is heartbreaking. I am done with berating Colin, I'm sorry to say, yet I need to move on because if I don't, the whole review will be about how flawed he is as a character and ideal of what a man should be. I am sick of girls like her. Its sad because I know Cassidy has potential to be a great character with a stunning personality that makes up how interesting she is, yet all I really got from her is that she daydreams and blabs out whatever is on her mind regardless of what other people say. Besides this, we know little about what Cassidy is really like. I have a vague idea of her family life, but outside I know she doesn't have a boyfriend and never had sex and is a pure little maiden and OH GOD I am SICK of hearing about all these girls who have no experience in sex or kissing and are in their twenties. Real girls who have never had sex probably know more about it than Cassidy does. I understand that Cassidy doesn't want to be seen by anyone as another girl who slept with Colin, yet they don't imply anything, pick apart her body or analyze her flaws. Jeff is great and when Cassidy is around him, that is the only time that I see her behaving like a person instead of a lovesick fangirl. While trying to win the woman of his life back he says something along the lines of "I will hurt you but no one will love you more." What? So when Colin says that, he means that he is the only one who "loves" Cassidy enough to put up with her. And Cassidy, the innocent girl that she is, seems like the ideal candidate for walking into a trap. Calls women who do like wearing makeup and sex "toys" and uses a woman's beauty as a punishment, and since Holly (the heroine) committed the crime of being a gorgeous fashion model, that gives him the right to punish her by raping her.

Both her contemporaries and suspenseful romances excite me, and "Sullivans Woman" with its inner beauty created by Nora Roberts flawless language, and with passionate main-characters who fall in love with each other in a way thats described memorable..and romantic. I just LOVE their first encounter, it made me laugh out as hell, and the way Roberts made the chemistry flow between these two made me gape out the whole time, just wow how the romance was glowing between them..and it is clear in the total devotion for the dynamic (also poetic in his words) Colin that he was falling in love with her, and the scenes where she would smile out of the window and he just looking at her,that was so beautiful!

I am very grateful I read Northern Lights before Sullivan's Woman.

Its so hard for Cassidy to find a job that she is good at, that can pay her rent and allow her to eat everyday. Then out of the fog her next job literally runs her down. She'll be set for another 2 months with this job. This book allows us behind the scenes of the struggling author, and the notorious painter.

Apesar de não ser nada de especial, é uma história fofa, principalmente o final que me derreteu o coração.

The main characters she made lovable I thought.