The 500 Hats of a Modern-Day Woman

The 500 Hats of a Modern-Day Woman

by Joyce K. Ellis

Hat-Juggling 101 Every modern-day woman has more roles than she ever thought she would need to manage.

Isn't there someplace you could go to learn the art of juggling so many hats?

She is a master hat juggler, and one of her roles is that of lighthearted mentor for overwhelmed women.

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  • Publish Date: April 9th 2003 by Winepress Publishing
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Most are good things church activities, friends, helping lead a Bible study, stuff that has to be done like grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, carpooling, and caring for my grandmother. Im more of a Titus woman than a blushing bride, so I dont know that I got much new insight from Ellis. Ellis has a great way to use scriptural truth to drive her point or encouragement home. I liked the point that she made about saying no, but quoting the verse about Jesus giving us permission to say no because He said, Let your yes be yes and your no be no, didnt ring true. There were also a few trite truisms like the human race would die out if men had to have the babies, and I enjoy being a girl, so lets get pretty, but even if I rolled my eyes on those, they did work to establish her friendly easy tone, which made the book easy to read.

I wanted to read the book because we, as women, wear different hats or roles. I didn't like being married. Ellis discussed instead of competing with her husband for time and whatever else, she cooperated and helped him along. Then Ellis discussed one of my biggest joys, biggest frustrations, motherhood. Many night (and days), I wonder why God blessed me with special needs kids. I don't always like to talk to myself because my kids don't comprehend the words.I definitely was not expecting a 13 year old and a two year old in the same year lol. Ellis said mothers need God. We can't do it alone. At the end of each chapter, Ellis provides websites and books for future reference. What sets the discussion questions apart is many refer back to the bible.

Book Description: Strength for Todays Demanding Roles In The 500 Hats of a Modern-Day Woman youll find strength, purpose, and perspective to balance your many rolesand gain insight into the roles of women around you. My Thoughts: 500 Hats of a Modern-Day Woman is the first book by Joyce Ellis that I have had the pleasure of reading. Joyce Ellis puts those "hats" in perspective by giving an honest, funny look at all we do as women in this world and how by creating priorities with God as the center we can find the most joy and success. Joyce Ellis writes with authority about our roles as women and how to find peace and joy in the many different "hats" we have to wear.

About the Book: Hat-Juggling 101 Every modern-day woman has more roles than she ever thought she would need to manage. She is a master hat juggler, and one of her roles is that of lighthearted mentor for overwhelmed women. Ellis, has revised her book from all those years ago to include more modern day information to apply to our lives.We don't need an instruction manual that tells us how to organize our lives so that we can take on even more roles than the ones we have been given. God has been so good to us, we need to appreciate the roles of wife and mother more fully.

Ellis had to say in The 500 Hats of a Modern Day Woman because I knew I could definitely relate! I really got a lot out of the survey results she shared and reading what other women really thought. The 500 Hats of a Modern Day Woman has a lot of great insights to glean from whether it be alone or as a group.

While I highly recommend this book, I would have preferred an entire chapter on single women. While there are some stories scattered throughout this book that concern singles, divorcees, and widows, I believe that an entire chapter could have helped those of us)myself included) in this growing group.

Ladies, did you ever sit down and count the different "hats" you wear each day? I enjoyed the humor combined with practicality and Scripture, and that Joyce Ellis hits all stages of life. This is a book I will keep handy for the times when my life seems to go in a thousand different directions and I need some reminding.

In each chapter, Joyce encourages us to embrace the roles we find ourselves in but not to define ourselves through them. She reminds us that as Christians our true identity, worth and sense of fulfillment comes through our relationship with God. The 500 Hats Of A Modern Day Woman is a great book to read on your own or with a group of friends!

I have to say it was interesting to see the different hats us women carry. This is a great self-help for those women who feel burdened.

"I loved the laughter at home and at extended-family gatherings," she says, "where uncles tried to outdo each other with the funniest jokes and puns." So it's no wonder that faith and humor permeate much of what she has written in more than four decades of writing articles and books, including The 500 Hats of a Modern-Day Woman. In 1968 Joyce's family moved to the "tundra of Minnesota," whereupon her St. Louis relatives quipped that "the only reason there are any people in Minnesota is that people move there, their brains freeze, and they don't have the sense to move back." She married Steve Ellis, a civil engineer ("at least most of the time he's civil," she says), in 1969.