Panic Snap

Panic Snap

by Laura Reese

Her first novel, Topping from Below, was a cause celebre of erotic fiction.

The trail leads her to a magnificent vineyard and its mysterious owner, James McGuane, a man of wealth and immense sexual charisma who holds the key to her past.

But to unlock it, she must risk her life on a terrifying erotic journey that tears apart a dynasty and reveals the truth about an appalling murder.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Adult Fiction
  • Rating: 3.38
  • Pages: 336
  • Publish Date: February 16th 2001 by St. Martin's Griffin
  • Isbn10: 0312272758
  • Isbn13: 9780312272753

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The story is about a woman, Carly, who is looking for answers. She spend many years trying to remember, looking for answer, being angry at the person who did this to her and her family that never came looking for her, even though her story was in the media for quite some time after she was found. She doesn't get her memory back, but her gut is telling her that she needs to meet this man, because he might give her some answers. She arrives to this place where McGuane family lives, she meets James (suspect el número uno), Gina (suspect el número dos) and their mother (cute old thing). It's never said "out loud" that their relationship goes beyond sister and brother love, but from the way Gina acts around James makes you think that there is something more going on. The deeper you get into the story the darker and more twisted it gets when puzzle pieces starts coming together. I got to a point in the story where I started to question if there was a victim in all of this. Author describes the scenery in a very beautiful and romantic way, and that is what gives this story even darker feel, because characters are anything but. The ending, like the whole story, was almost identical to Topping from Bellow. If you haven't read her first book you might like it, but I'm not sure you will if you have. But I think I overdosed a little on all things dark and twisted :).

There was something about Panic Snap that seemed vaguely familiar. In Panic Snap, it was the protagonist own attempted murder that occured 15 years prior to the story taken place. Along the way, things do not go as planned and the gulity party finds out her true identity but it's okay because the gulity party will give her all the information she wants about past for absolute submission to him. In fact, Panic Snap could have been called Topping from Below 2: Napa Valley.

I very rarely quit reading a book, but I simply could not finish this without making myself sick.

(i.e. the guy&girl in the book clearly did, as did some of the readers - but "to each his own", who am I to judge?!) A few of the sex scenes started to make me physically sick, so I had to keep skipping paragraphs. Well - I really liked the unusual mystery and kept hoping for a super surprise/twist ending.... As I was suspecting all along -(view spoiler) it was a combination of James, Gina, and Carly... In terms of Anna - I assumed Carly and James killed her so that they could continue their affair > which was close enough ...

The writing was good, the story was interesting and kept you wanting to read. And sometimes the descriptions would be the same only stated slightly different, and over and over we had to read about how James' skin is slightly tanned from time outdoors, or that his hair is blonder because it is sun bleached. Then there was a situation involving urine which I cringed at, but again, it wasn't that bad compaired to what I've read in other books.

I am not so into BDSM, but I was curious about the amnesia and mystery Carly was trying to solve. This guy was just a sick, twisted dude and Carly couldn't seem to make up her mind. Well Carly, you begged him to bring you into his BDSM world, begged him to nail you after doing awful, awful things to you (like giving you enemas, forcing you to eat from a dog bowl after throwing scalding water on you, etc.) and then murdered him.

Again I asked why someone would put themselves through all of this if they didn't need to and I jumped between my ideas for the ending.

Beklenmedik bir ekilde bitseydi keke(yani benim beklediim ekilde :D :D) Tüm sapknlklarna, manyaklklarna ve dengesizliklerine ramen adama kanm snd itiraf ediyorum :D Bende de var bi manyaklk demek ki :D Neysee...