Love, Sex & Tragedy: How the Ancient World Shapes Our Lives

Love, Sex & Tragedy: How the Ancient World Shapes Our Lives

by Simon Goldhill

In Love, Sex & Tragedy Simon Goldhill lifts the veil on our inheritance of classical traditions and offers a witty, engrossing survey of the Greek and Roman roots of everything from our overwhelming mania for "hard bodies" to our political systems.

"Confident, intelligent and assertive; Love, Sex & Tragedy stands up for 'classics' without apology, without snobbishness and without conservatism."Oliver Taplin, Guardian"Goldhill .

Lefkowitz, New York Sun "A passionate, witty, and broad-ranging exploration of the ancient foundations of our world.

. There is a widening gap between our perceptions and the ancient sources.

Goldhill closes that gap with this lively and multi-layered challenge to assumptions embedded in modern life."Lizzie Speller, Observer

  • Language: English
  • Category: History
  • Rating: 3.76
  • Pages: 345
  • Publish Date: November 1st 2005 by University of Chicago Press
  • Isbn10: 0226301192
  • Isbn13: 9780226301198

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Im going to be lazy and simply quote the author from the last pages of the book, where he concludes: For thinking hard about the past reveals the buried life of the present, its potential for change, for being different. The simplest point that emerges from looking back at how the myths of Greece and Rome have functioned in the history of European culture is this: the past matters. It matters because in psychological, social, intellectual, artistic and political terms the past is formative of the present. A self-aware appreciation of the past requires reflecting on the myths and the histories, the story-telling and the critical analysis, which makes sense of the past and thus the present.... Even if you dont agree with the authors conclusions in parts of the book, its still an interesting look at the influence Greece and Rome had and continues to have over our lives.

A book by my very impressive undergraduate Classics tutor, who pushed me to think harder when I was 19 and when I, well, needed to think harder!

That all aside, i needed to pick up this book because i am about as graceful and nuanced when it comes to matters of the heart and matters of the eros as a person tripping over their pants in a half-lit room in the morning because they are late for work and their alarm is still beeping fiercly. but, it makes me remember an argument (spirited) that i had at a bar one time with a mate or two about how male bodies should be revered just the same, otherwise there is a kind of social and political imbalance going on. women are constantly reminded that there is this ideal that they should look like, meanwhile, dudes are kind of off the hook. i think love feelings actually comes from and flows to that human intangible stuff that we emote to one another or what we feel is emoted. unless a person is looking to simply get laid, i think humans want emotional connection; when you watch the show Millionaire Matchmaker, for example (wait you haven't seeen it?) you are mostly kind of there to watch a circus of put-on dewey eyed millionaires searching for love. people in LA have the greecian ideal of a perfect body but how many of their hearts are adrift and how many of the double d's have spent time working on their mental and emotional lives? i encourage other writers to work out this story in their own way; along with some greecian body stories and some plane rides with sisters.

Bilgilendirici bir kitap olmu..Atina dan balayp günümüze kadar ki gündelik yaamdaki yaam tarzlarn ve o zaman ki deerlerini anlatm..Seks'ten Felsefe'ye,Demokrasi'den Romallara,Gladyatörlerden savalara kadar enine boyuna ele alm kadn ve erkek tarifleri detayl ekilde yaplm ve ilginç olan ey ise;Antik Yunanllardaki tarif bugün dahi geçerliliini hala koruyor modern dünyada.Kadn için; yumuak ve gevek,tüysüz ve cilveli.Her nekadar "demokrasi"nin doduu topraklar isede Kadn'a hiçbir hak verilmemitir.

My search for a basic yet comprehensive book about Greek and Roman times continues. The book had some interesting ideas but the arguments were repetitive (one sentence would repeat the preceding, just worded slightly differently) and some of the connections were tenuous at best.

Goldhill overtuigt in zijn betoog dat om het moderne leven te begrijpen we de klassieken moeten doorgronden. Chr.) uitspraak: Als je niet weet waar je vandaan komt, blijf je altijd een kind, wordt zo met recht tot leidraad van Goldhills boek, dat veel meer bevat dan enkel liefde, seks en tragedie.