by Carl Deuker

But the weather-beaten sailboat Chance Taylor and his father call home is thirty years old and hasnât sailed in years. One step from both homeness and hunger, Chance worries about things other kids his age never give a thought: Where will the

  • Language: English
  • Category: Young Adult
  • Rating: 4.04
  • Pages: 224
  • Publish Date: May 2nd 2005 by HMH Books for Young Readers
  • Isbn10: 0618542981
  • Isbn13: 9780618542987

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The book intrigued me when Chance starts to make some really bad decisions that we have a great impact on him down the road. Eventually it got to the point where his friend girl who had a fling with Chance was being negatively affected. I would have thought it should be a slow process of indecisiveness about his choices and gradually wanting to quit. Intense, a little comical, and keeps you on your toes makes this a 5 star book for sure!

I wanted to know if Chance was going to tell someone about the guys on the beach that have been watching his every move, so he didnt have to be so scared. The problem is Chance wants to know what is in the packages and where they go. So because of the conflict, suspense, and relatable situations Id recommend this book.

The setting starts out in a boat named Tiny dancer in which Chances father bought. I was angry when Chances father told chance that they were going around the world in tiny dancer there boat. An interesting thing I learned about this book is how some parents never really find good jobs because there always going to the bar and drinking and wasting time like Chances father. Runner is a good book title because the title goes with the story like when Chance runs with the backpack to earn money to pay for the bills and the food. In conclusion,I would recommend this book to people that like action suspense and a good story.

The young adult novel centers around Chance Taylor (yup, I should have known), who lives in poverty with his dad on their boat. Enter Melissa, daughter of the richest man in town, who, coincidentally used to be friends with Chance's dad in school...Alright, enough with the plot, seeing as how there's absolutely nothing this novel didn't suck out of a decade of after-school specials. Also, there's a RIDICULOUS plot twist near the end that you'll see coming, but think, "No, the author's not really going to do, he couldn''s ludicrous!" And then he does.

I bought this book on discount at--what else-- a library sale! Good guess, but this is the real price: 25 cents!! Overall, this book is just what I've been looking for to give to the male audience in my class. Not that I have a class yet but I really think males will love this book along with females.

There is a lot of conflict and suspense and it really is hard to put the book down once you start reading it. The author used a lot of imagery to really make you feel like youre in the book.

Stakes are high for Chance, he needs out, but he can't without help from friends and his father.

The main character is Chance Taylor and his dad live on a boat. So at school he meets this girl named Melissa who becomes great friends with Chance but one day he caught her spying on him while he was picking up the packages. Her dad and Chances dad were great friends back in the army. I was moved by when the boat blew up with Chances dad was in the boat because after that everything was just so sad, and I felt like crying for the rest of the book the author did a good job in making us visualize the whole book by using great description of everything. The characters Melissa and her dad changed the story because without them Chance wouldn't have anyone or anything left. It was so nice to see Chance and his dad come so far just to find out that the father dies. It's funny because me and my friend Bill we were having a discussion of the book and we both agreed that we felt like crying so bad around this part of the book. So if you want to read a book that will not let you put it down and you will be begging for more, go check out runner.