Dream of Me/Believe in Me

Dream of Me/Believe in Me

by Josie Litton

They know that their only hope for peace is to persuade the Saxon Lord Hawk to unite his noble family with theirs in a bond sealed forever by the sanctity of marriage.

Each will unite in marriage with an extraordinary woman who has her own special gift and her own dreams of bringing about an end to war....Book OneIn Dream of Me we meet the Viking leader Wolf Hakonson as he embarks on a mission to kidnap the Lady Cymbra, a legendary beauty Wolf mistakenly believes is the cause of war.

Book TwoThe drama continues in Believe in Me, when the Saxon Lord Hawk, brother of Cymbra, seeks to strengthen the alliance by wedding a Norse noblewoman.

And as an unexpected love ignites, only Krysta can sense the looming danger that threatens the peace and Hawk as well.Now, discover Josie Litton....

  • Series: Viking & Saxon
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 4.15
  • Pages: 816
  • Publish Date: October 2nd 2001 by Bantam
  • Isbn10: 0553584367
  • Isbn13: 9780553584363

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Re-read 1 million: 8/8/15 Dream of Me is one of my favorite, most read books of all time.

Unfortunately, because I was so enamored with book 1's representation of the Viking lore and how it intertwined with the love story, I found myself frustrated with book 2's sparse Saxon representation. The review below is about my love for book 1, which I read about a month ago. If you get a chance to watch this epic show before reading the book (History channel is running a series 1 marathon this Sunday!), it will put the imagery into the forefront of your mind and allow you to envision the characters' world. I was half afraid that the brutality would be extremely watered down in favor of a sweet romance but I think the author did an excellent job of showing various Viking evils (the motto could have been : rape, kill, plunder) while still managing to humanize her characters enough to balance with the limit of what a reader would want to be subjected to. While few people like to read about men who consider their women as property, I wouldn't expect anything less from the portion of history represented. This was my first Viking romance but it won't be last, now that I know that this can be done in such a way to satisfy both the need to read something realistic as well as beautiful.

Dream of Me reminded me so much of a Johanna Lindsey book in a good way. Not meaning to brag but I've read like every single one of Johanna's a hundred published books out there. While Johanna Lindsey's heroines are always planning ways to escape, and ways to piss off the hero, Cymbra didn't want to escape. Note: This book contains two stories: Dream of Me and Believe in Me. I've only read the former.

Dream of Me...5 stars. I had high hopes for Hawks story because I liked him so much in the first book. The passion wasnt there between Hawk and Krysta like it was with Wolf and Cymbra.

I was surprised at how much I love this book. This book is beautifully written, it's a sweeping love story not just in content but in word choice. The people in this book are almost more beautiful than the harsh land that it's set in. There characters are the main ones in Dream of Me but the foundation is set for Dragon (Wolf's brother) and Hawk (Cymbra's Brother) their stories and i'm so excited for these reluctant husbands to find wives... In conclusion, I loved this book (if you couldn't already tell) and I cannot wait for the other stories in this trilogy. Review of Believe in Me 2 stars...

Things happened but at the last few chapters, I can't help my mind from wandering off on other things than the story itself. I cannot really say what the reason behind because my mind is filled with "blah blah blah " Overall, it was just an okay read.

Two things have held the #1 spot on my "Favorites" list: My favorite movie is "Gladiator" and my favorite fiction book is "Dream of Me." Josie Litton made me want to read any and all stories Viking. The Norseman, Wolf, steals Saxon Lady Cymbra reputed to be the most beautiful woman in all Christendom. The final chapters are poignant and I highly recommend this double book (the second "Believe in Me" is the story of Hawk, Cymbra's brother, and a Viking woman, Krysta, and their arranged marriage to keep the peace). The stories have some sensuality and a touch of "paranormal" elements: Cymbra can "feel" others' pain sometimes and is an intuitive healer, while Krysta has the background of a mermaid-shapeshifter mother.

The first book is Dream of Me which features Viking leader Wolf Hakonson and Lady Cymbra, a Saxon lady. Wolf knows that he has little time to convince Cymbra to give their marriage a chance before her brother comes to find her. This story revitalized my love of Viking romance and Litton has one of the best writing when it comes to medieval romances. Now for book two---Believe In Me. The hero is Cymbra's brother who is Saxon and his bride is a Viking lady. Krysta has come in secret posing as a servant so she can get to know "Hawk" and understand the type of man he truly is. Krysta is nervous and scared about this marriage and she wants to be loved and wants to know if Hawk will be capable of it. Their relationship isn't perfect but I truly adored Krysta. He knows he adores her and fights for her and never gives up on winning her heart and proving that she is more than enough for him no matter where she comes from and who her parentage is.