Münsters Fall

Münsters Fall

by Håkan Nesser

Reichlich angetrunken machen sich die vier auf den Heimweg.

Kommissar Münster übernimmt den Fall, denn Kommissar Van Veeteren hat sich für ein Jahr beurlauben lassen und arbeitet in einem Antiquariat.

Und in der Tat holt sich Münster schon bald Rat bei Van Veeteren, denn der Fall wird immer mysteriöser.

Drowned in drunkenness, the four are making their way home.

Commissioner Münster takes over the case, because Commissioner Van Veeteren has taken a leave of absence for a year and works in a second-hand bookshop.

In fact, Münster is soon consulting Van Veeteren, because the case is becoming more and more mysterious.

So presents the victim's widow as perpetrator and makes a confession.

  • Series: Inspector Van Veeteren
  • Language: German
  • Category: Mystery
  • Rating: 3.64
  • Pages: 316
  • Publish Date: May 14th 2002 by Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag GmbH
  • Isbn10: 3442725577
  • Isbn13: 9783442725571

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In this 6th book in the Swedish 'Inspector Van Veeteren" series, the detective's subordinate takes charge of a gruesome murder case. Chief Inspector Van Veeteren is on leave so his subordinate, Inspector Munster, is assigned the case.

As a big fan of this excellent series by Håkan Nesser I readily confess to having a particular fascination with Chief Inspector Van Veeteren. On the evidence of The Unlucky Lottery I feel that Nesser has provided some brilliantly distinctive characters with huge potential, most significantly Inspectors Münster and Ewa Moreno. Wife Marie-Louise returns home and discovers the bloodbath and in the absence of Van Veeteren, Inspector Münster heads up the investigation. With forward progress stalled and Felix Bonger never appearing to even have made it home on the night in question, the disappearance of the caretakers wife from the block where Leverkuhn lived pushes Münster and Moreno to keep pursuing the matter.

Although Ive only read one previous novel by Håkan Nesser The Inspector and The Silence reviewed here - I can safely say that he is already one of my favourite Swedish authors and whenever I get the opportunity to read one of his titles Ill be sure to grab it with both hands! In Håkans previous book The Inspector and The Silence it was driven for the most part by Inspector Van Veeteren, a curious, colourful and enigmatic character that certainly carried the book.

With The Unlucky Lottery, I've now read all of Nesser's books that have been translated into English, and I must say, they are among the finest novels of crime fiction coming out of Scandinavia. Although murder and mayhem abound, and the book's focus is on the crime and its solution, Nesser also uses this space to explore other topics, especially the toll that police work puts on his characters' lives. I love books like this -- far from just a series of events that take you from point a to point b, from the crime to the solution, there's another layer inserted between the lines that gives the reader pause to think about his or her feelings on the matter. Other than those minor issues that bugged me a bit, The Unlucky Lottery is another awesome book -- but I must say, I do hope Van Veeteren isn't totally sidelined in the rest of the series.

There is misdirection from the start but this baffling of the reader mirrors the confusion of the detective team.

This is the 6th entry in the Van Veeteren series. Van Veeteren really is the heart and soul of this series. Hopefully, Van Veeteren will be returning to the force because he is sorely needed!

Quite slow and rehashing of the same information that became really tedious, had to skim read until it started picking up in the last 3rd.

In tutto il mio percorso mentale, son stata ben accompagnata dal simpatico e un po' in crisi sovrintendente Munster; dai suoi agenti, uno più accattivante dell'altro, mentre sono entrata in forte empatia con l'ispettore Ewa Moreno, alle prese con i ribaltoni della vita (ma per essere precisi, dovrei dire con i ribaltoni che gli esseri umani sono capaci di fare, perché la sostanza umana è plasmata da materia che ha nome volubilità); infine dal riflessivo e a tratti enigmatico Van Veeteren (vecchia volpe!), il commissario ormai in pensione che si dedica alla sua libreria antiquaria, ma non ha perso il suo brillante intuito sostenuto da un'altrettanto brillante capacità deduttiva.

Håkan Nesser is a Swedish author and teacher who has written a number of successful crime fiction novels.