Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 3

Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 3

by Ralph Tedesco

These time stories have been re-imagined in this red hot series and are delivered with shocking and horrifying twists.

Collects issues #13-18 of the mega-hit independent series, complete with a new Grimm Fairy Tales short story published here for the first time.

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Silly me should have known how unlikely it is for there to be two awesome comic series about Fairy Tales. If nonexistent storylines and poor writing is not enough to dissuade you, the art should.

This book started as odd as the other ones; this Beauty and the Beast is clearly based on the Disney movie and not the French tale (or even the Grimm version), but why on earth they chose this story to connect it with the story of a woman who is in an abusive relationship can only be well I have no idea, maybe because the guy is a beast. Even with the way the story of the beast and that boy go, how much do they actually have in common apart from the violence circle? The boy however was abused and suicidal so how would that story change anything. In it Sela is wearing a red dominatrix like outfit to punish these "three little pigs", apparently to the creators this would make it a serious story. I can give them some credit in this Miss Müffchen story (I think this is an original tale) for stating that Sela has shifted from helping to punishment (because she was apparently soooooo effective in helping before), but not only does this teacher look like a really stereotypical Asian master, but the whole argumentation and the images (Hitler etc.) are so cliché and hollow that I cannot consider this a good change in story and character.

Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 3 Issue 13 Beauty and the Beast PLOT: A real live beast (Drew) threatens his girlfriend to stay away from a guy (Steve) that's been showing interest in her after hitting her "not that hard" (according to him). Jenna goes to work and runs into (who else) Sela. Sela knowing that something is wrong (does she have a sixth sense?) gives her a book and tells her to read the story of Beauty and the Beast. Just as Drew comes up and gets in Steve's face, Jenna tells Drew it's over. It ends on a cliffhanger with Drew claiming it isn't and getting thrown out of the restaurant where Jenna and Steve work. Issue 14 Beauty and the Beast Part 2 PLOT: The Beast and Drew go to hunt out Jessabelle and Jenna. In the present, Drew is having second thoughts but decides to carry out his plan to kill either Jenna or Steve or possibly both. Watching this Sela is starting to see that just maybe she's on the wrong path. The lengths the Beast went to not only get to the point where he recognized his actions (and repent) only for it to look like it paid off when what seemed like love was coming into his life turn out to be in vain. He even tries to fight for love(the wrong way) only to have him lose it AGAIN! Even though we're not supposed to sympathize with the beast (because you're not supposed to kill to get what you want) it's sad in the fact that, this girl choose someone else and he STILL wants (NEEDS) her to love him to save his life. RATING 10 Issue 15 The Little Pigs PLOT: Three broke thugs are hanging out on a Friday trying to think of a way to come up on some ends so they can party. But there plans come to a halt when Sela enters and tries to convince one of them (whose a former student) to read from her magical book of fairy tales. The other guys are acting like pigs (possibly thinking of attempting to run a train on Sela) but then WTH? She turns them all into pigs and then starts terrorizing them one by one and killing them off in ways much like the inflicted on other people. We see Sela deciding that maybe she's been going about it wrong and that instead of lecturing she should be punishing. I think there is a dark part of me which appreciates this issue because after you try and try and try to reach people and be "good" and you see ZERO results this is what can happen to even the best people (like Sela). ISSUE 16 LITTLE MISS MUFFET PLOT: Sela thinks she sees a spider but then shakes it off as a dream. The Sage (as they tend to do) Miyagi tries to get her to see that she's strayed from the path of good and tells her that her work hasn't been in vain. RATING: 8 Issue 17 The Jupiter Tree PLOT: A step-brother is influencing his sister to smoke crack (and probably other stuff since she's in a bra) when their mother comes home. Sela appears and gives Patricia the book and tells her to read the story of the Juniper Tree. The mother tells the guy to come help her get something out of an icebox and then shuts it and takes off his head. MY THOUGHTS: So we get the first hint of Belinda and we see that maybe she's the anti-Sela. RATING: Issue 18 Three Billy Goats Gruff PLOT: Mr. Miyaji is still trying to get her to see that she's made a difference in people. In real life, the boy comes back every day to fight the bully even though he keeps getting knocked down. MY THOUGHTS: This was a very moral heavy issue stressing that we are all human and sometimes despite our best efforts we eventually fall off the path and make mistakes.

Still good artwork, still great plot twists to make the fairytales interesting.

The Three Pigs is an interesting story as Sela starts to use her power to punish people instead of inspiring people. This volume had some pretty strong stories. Hell, Sela wears some strange red super-tight outfit in the Three Pigs which seems designed to only show her sexiness, and not much else.

On one side the story gets interesting while more is revealed about Sela. Witch is a good because things start to come together and the series is not feeling just like acollection of short stories. I think it's pretty good for this series, but there's room for improvement.