The Perfect Stranger

The Perfect Stranger

by Anne Gracie

They vow to love, honor, cherish...With her signature spirit, Faith Merridew has left everything she's ever known for the man she thought was the love of her life.

That is, until she crosses paths with Nicholas Blacklock, a Waterloo veteran, who offers to save her reputation with a marriage of convenience....And then get to know one another.A hardened soldier, Nick hides a deadly secretand tries to keep Faith at arm's length.

  • Series: The Merridew Sisters
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.84
  • Pages: 344
  • Publish Date: June 6th 2006 by Berkley Sensation
  • Isbn10: 0425210529
  • Isbn13: 9780425210529

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Shes a sweetheart but (view spoiler) I am no hymen worshipper (at least not a big one!) but Id have preferred this h to have escaped the oms seduction, or at the very least a bigger time span till she meets the H. And within two days shes in love with him! She (and the author) just wishes away the whole thing with the om. Theres a mild mention later but it seemed more like an afterthought on the authors part.

Here are some of my thoughts: This is my favorite book of this series so far. By the end, she speaks up for herself and goes after what she wants. I do feel like while this book is my favorite so far in the series, the epilogue is not as good as the others.

The Perfect Stranger isn't a funny book at all, not even in that this-is-so-ridiculous-I-have-to-laugh way. Estrellita and her grandmother are mysterious Spanish witches who have literally been waiting all their lives for four English people to come bother them. That's literally all we know about Estrellita's grandmother. If for some reason you need to include sentences in another language in your book, please make sure they actually mean something. I'm French, and I'm telling you: the French in this book is fucking wrong and stupid and ugh. There was also that weird thing where one sentence would actually be written in French (and translated in English between brackets, which, ugh, the meaning was already obvious from the context) and then the next one would just be written in English with the narrator telling us that the character said it in French. It was cliché and dumb, and I'm pretty sure I'd have been grossed out by the sex scenes even if I enjoyed that kind of thing.

Personally I would have liked to know something more... So their story together begins... Frankly I'm beginning to be bored to tears reading story where the heroes behave that way!

(Everything is a half-star less great at this hour.) Faith eloped with what she thought was a Hungarian violinist because she had a dream that her True Love would make beautiful music. (Literal music; not sexy-time body-music.) Nick is the war veteran who saves her from bad drunken fisherman after she finally makes her escape from the con-artist life-ruiner (HE'S NOT EVEN HUNGARIAN!!). And make lots of sexy-time body-music and occasional literal music.) If you're a little confused at that overly-plotty summation of The Perfect Stranger, YEP ME TOO.

I also enjoyed that their marriage was consummated early in the story as I like stories where a couple in a convenient marriage do have sex and the story is about other elements.

Life had other plans.

2.5 Faith Merridew made a huge life mistake and The Perfect Stranger starts with her alone, hungry, hurt and running from three men who want to rape her; an unexpectedly dark beginning. Faith tells them everything about her mistake and Nicholas Blacklock offers her marriage. As for Nicholas, I loved him.

Some time ago, I read a glowing review of one of this authors novels (Im not sure if it was for this book or another of hers) and I added her name to my TBR list, to try some time, maybe. I finished the book in two sittings and Im definitely going to read more of Anne Gracie. She has quite a few books published already, so Im looking forward to a pile of pleasurable reading material. Characters a young naive English woman Faith and a former British officer Nick. The thugs almost caught her, when a stranger appears out of the night and saves her. The rest of the story is their traveling together, learning to love and trust each other, discovering new hope, and finding soul mates.

And while I don't really read these books for the love scenes, I at least expect them to be well written. The gypsy character at the end was so poorly written...I skimmed like all her dialogue because it was said in forced broken English ("You no choose. Also, Anne Gracie, please stop feeling like you have to make a romance for every secondary character in your books. The first time it was fine, the second book it was ok, and now it just feels forced when you have secondary and even out-of-nowhere tertiary romances. Will I read the final book in this series, The Perfect Kiss?

Family legend has it that I used to spend hours playing in the sand pit, with a dog on either side of me and Rocka the horse leaning over me, his head just touching my shoulder, while I told them stories. I don't know how my mother managed, really, because both she and Dad taught full time, but she came home and cooked on a wood stove and did all the laundry by hand, boiling the clothes and sheets in a big copper kettle. We spent a lot of time driving from one part of Australia to another, visiting relatives or friends or simply to see what was there. I've lived in Scotland, Malaysia and Greece. And I am an expert in being "the new girl" having been to 6 different schools in 12 years.The last 4 years, however, were in the same high school and I still have my 2 best friends from that time. I escaped from my parents, settled down and went to university.To my amazement I became a chalkie myself and found a lot of pleasure in working with teenagers and later, adults. I taught English and worked as a counsellor and helped put on plays and concerts and supervised camps and encouraged other people to write but never did much myself.