Mind Your Own Business, Kristy!

Mind Your Own Business, Kristy!

by Ann M. Martin

Kristy's big brother Charlie is a good guy, helping her with the Krusher's Softball Klinic and driving her to BSC meetings.

Kristy can tell Angelica is Trouble with a capital "T." But Charlie doesn't mind.

Ew.Charlie wants Kristy to mind her own business.

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but then the hsus come to the klinic with a hot babysitter and charlie spends all of his time flirting with her instead of helping kristy. the day of the concert arrives and kristy is disappointed to discover that charlie has uninvited travis and has invited angelica, the hot babysitter, instead. charlie worries that he is turning out like their dad, but kristy reminds him of how responsible he was when their dad left, helping out their mom all the time. -at one point when hes being particularly obnoxious and only thinking with his penis kristy tells charlie hes acting like their dad. -abby says that what kristy did (manipulating charlie and sarah into being in the same place at the same time) was not exactly kosher. I don't call things like that kosher and I'm way more jewish than abby -everybody's a jerk in this book. -when they pick up angelica for the concert she seems annoyed that kristy is in the car (because charlie apparently didnt tell her that it wasnt just gonna be the two of them). kristy says she's the one who won the tickets and angelica says "no problem." what a jerk! -angelica doesn't really apologize to kristy about making her miss the concert because the tickets were free so it's not like she lost any money.

so, kristy has finally realized what the rest of us realized like one hundred books ago: the krushers totally suck. kristy is sorry to hear this, because she liked sarah & thought she was a good match for charlie, but she is happy to have charlie's help. charlie is also kind of gruff with the kids, in a way that kristy doesn't totally like. but all is forgiven when charlie tells kristy that he may be able to arrange a visit from jack brewster, who used to play for the mets. i guess the mets are the big team in stoneybrook & she knows a lot of her krushers will be really excited to meet jack brewster. unfortunately, charlie is distracted from both the krushers & jack brewster by the hsus' new babysitter, angelica. kristy decides she needs to nip this in the bud, so she calls sarah, charlie's ex, & asks her to meet kristy the next day at the argo (have we ever heard of the place before? i think maybe kristy is in love with sarah herself, the way she's acting. charlie even wanders away in the middle or a krusher klinic & kristy has to go after him. jessi's helping you," & kristy says something about how charlie is just like their dad, running away from his responsibilities. kristy decides to take claudia & charlie invites angelica. somehow angelica gets a note to charlie the next day, explaining that she was attracted to him because he seemed like a big kid & he was fun, but she's decided he's too immature for her. kristy testily reminds him, & it turns out that jack brewster is sarah's uncle.

Kristy feels that Angelica is wrong for her brother and does what she can to break them up. I thought that Kristy would learn to let her brother go and accept that hes going to get into relationships. In a wholesome books series like The Babysitters Club it means youre a bad kid. I find most of The Babysitters Clubs books in thrift stores, but you can now buy them new as they have reprinted them again in bookstores.

Kristy organizes a daily spring training clinic for the Krushers over spring break, and she gets her brother Charlie to co-coach. Kristys resentment that the kids seem to prefer Charlie to her gets a lot of play early on, but just kind of fizzles. For awhile the book looks like its heading for a "dont prejudge people" plot, with Angelica turning out not as bad as Kristy assumes, but actually, the book seems to agree with Kristys prejudgment (Sarah great, Angelica terrible). And while Kristys butting in doesnt help anything, the fact that Charlie does ultimately end up going back to Sarah seems to detract from what is presumably the intended moral, that you cant control other peoples love lives.

After graduating from Smith College, Ann became a teacher and then an editor of children's books. She's now a full-time writer. Sometimes Ann names her characters after people she knows, and other times she simply chooses names that she likes. Some of her favorite authors at that time were Lewis Carroll, P.