The Far Side of the Dollar

The Far Side of the Dollar

by Ross Macdonald

Are his wealthy parents protecting him or their own guilty secrets?

  • Series: Lew Archer
  • Language: English
  • Category: Mystery
  • Rating: 4.06
  • Pages: 256
  • Publish Date: November 26th 1996 by Vintage
  • Isbn10: 0553129147
  • Isbn13: 9780679768654

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The three grown up female characters are particularly irritating: two middle-aged wives who whine about their fates, and an old flame of Lew's who drops enough middle-brow literary allusions to set your teeth on edge.

It strongly reminded me of the following: If you do not know where the image comes from, shame on you: go read the book or watch the movie; this is one of the rarest occasions where the movie and the book are equally good. Dear writers - of romance and any other genre, this is how you write an interesting teen girl in love who is nice and not an extremely selfish person who cares nothing about except her feelings!!! Ross Macdonald's plots are much more complicated usually.

She cared for other people. He catches those fleeting but profound emotions: She climbed down the ladder and flitted away through the trees, one of those youngsters who make you feel like apologizing for the world. But I like it.

In as-written-order, I have just read three mid-sixties Lew Archer novels. "The Far Side Of The Dollar" begins with a young boy escaping from a prison-like private reform school and leads into murder (naturally), extortion, and very tangled family connections. And the book I am now in the middle of, "Black Money" revolves around uncovering the truth about a mysterious and wealthy foreigner who has perturbed the lives of many in a tony community and private club. Rather than write slightly different versions of the same story, Mr. Macdonald creates anew the locations, the plots, and even how Archer interacts with his clients and suspects. Archer is hired to do this, but as the plot develops the boy has been taken, possibly murdered. She defies her own parents to help Archer uncover the truth about Tommy and save him.

Another great Lew Archer mystery. This was my sixth Archer novel and the sixth great novel I've read by Ross Macdonald.

What sometimes seems a little far fetched is these books is sheer number of hidden relationships and misdeeds, and the ability of these families to sustain the deception seemingly indefinitely, or at least until Archer shows up to blow the lid of everybody's secrets.

Ross Macdonald is the pseudonym of the American-Canadian writer of crime fiction Kenneth Millar. He is best known for his series of hardboiled novels set in southern California and featuring private detective Lew Archer. At this time, he wrote under the name John Macdonald, in order to avoid confusion with his wife, who was achieving her own success writing as Margaret Millar. In the early 1950s, he returned to California, settling for some thirty years in Santa Barbara, the area where most of his books were set. Macdonald died of Alzheimer's disease in Santa Barbara, California.