by Jennifer Fallon

Marla Wolfblade of Hythria is determined to restore her family's great name, but conspirators surround her: the Sorcerers' Collective, the Patriots -- even members of her own family.

She needs someone politically astute to guide her through the maze of court politics -- and Elezaar the Dwarf knows more than he lets on.As Elezaar teaches Marla the Rules of Gaining and Wielding Power, Marla starts on the road to becoming a tactician and a wily diplomat -- but will that be enough to keep her son alive?

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If you like sophisticated fantasy series with a political lean, 'real' relationships (and by real, I mean human) and characters you become invested in, you will really enjoy this book.

So it was a treat to read a low-magic Fantasy book with an emphasis on political intrigue, multiple characters with believable and opposing agendas, and surprises and deaths of major characters. At some points it seemed like this was a sort of Game of Thrones ripoff; there is even a major character that is a dwarf, wise in the way of politics, but I'm ok with that.

This review first appeared in The Specusphere in May 2006 Jennifer Fallon is one of the brightest stars in the constellation of Australasian fantasy writers. Fallon is not only a good writer but also a prolific one, often bringing out more than one book a year. The doings of the otherworldly Harshini contrast nicely with the almost Machiavellian twists of the main story, whose central character is Marla Wolfblade, sister to the degenerate and perverted High Prince of Hythria. All Fallon's characters are clearly and surely defined: we see how they affect events and how they are affected by them, so plot and characterisation bound along hand-in-hand. I only have two small quibbles with Fallon's work, which is well-crafted, easy to read, pacey and gripping.

Until the end where the reader sees how very much Marla has learned about the politics of survival. And even though, Marla is clearly the main character, she doesn't carry the bulk of the book. The book boasts a large cast of characters who all plot for gain or survival. The plot of a young member of a ruling house have to learn deadly state craft in order to survive runs strongly through both series.

Warlord is the 1st book in the Hythrun Chronicles & follows Marla Wolfblade, Princess of Hythria as she fights for the freedom to live her own life, to rise through the ranks of a male driven world & navigate through the divine intervention/manipulations of a few gods.

This is the first book of a trilogy that's actually a prequel to the Medalon series. Sure I know a few things about one or two characters, but for the most part, this book has a fresh new story with great characters and packed with political intrigue. I didn't even want to cook because that just wasted valuable reading time.

I am also hoping the story picks up in Warrior, the next book in the series, which I've already started reading.