Man with a Past

Man with a Past

by Jayne Ann Krentz

She sensed something dangerous about the man - in the secrets he refused to share, the past that still haunted him, the coiled tension that denied intimacy.

For Cole, the past was a closed door.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.61
  • Pages: 325
  • Publish Date: March 22nd 2004 by Thorndike Press
  • Isbn10: 0786261358
  • Isbn13: 9780786261352

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"Man with a Past" by Jayne Ann Krentz delivers an Unforgettable love-story between the cynical predator-like tycoon Cole Stockton (how i love this man) and the hard-working and independent Kelsey Murdock, where a war will succumb between them where Cole wants Kelseys absolute surrender.! But i will tell you what!If you thought that Cole was "abusive",then you dont even know about the word and should stay away from books where there is a Alpha-hero like Cole. He is always honest with her (he never lied,and he openly showed that he dont have any desire to talk about his past with Kelsey).He never hits or slaps her like MANY heroes usually do nor do he ever insult her.

And by the way, I love you too.' This could be a sum of all their conversations and the whole story.

This book was horrible.

Kelsey Murdock's mother, Amanda, and stepfather, Roger Evans, were taking a trip to New Zealand. Cole had come over to her mother's place and Kelsey told Cole about a trip she was taking to the Caribbean to deliver a briefcase of papers to a client there. He then told Kelsey that she needed to give up her job and move in with him. Kelsey was scared then and tried to get away from Cole. Cole didn't stay the night but went back to his house after Kelsey fell asleep. Kelsey woke up and was walking around the house and decided to check and see how her stepfather was coming on his computer setup. Cole refused to answer any questions about the payments and Kelsey left angry again. He didn't show up so they told the pilot to wait and they went to his house to find him. They returned to the cave and told Kelsey that they were going to get the third man in the morning. They caught the man on the beach and Cole heard Kelsey and came running. On the ship, Cole told Kelsey that they needed to spend time together without interruption and he stopped a few messages from getting to her from her boss. Cole told Kelsey that she could keep her job and he would move in with her during the week and spend the weekends at this place in Carmel. They arrived home and Kelsey tried to explain her relationship with Cole to her mother. Her mother told her that her new husband had borrowed money from Cole because some investments went bad and he didn't want her to know. Cole first told Kelsey he wanted to explain his past and then leave it in the past going forward. Cole told Kelsey that he was in the military and then became a mercenary for hire.

Cole, however, is much more the villain than the hero in this book. He then chases Kelsey out into the rain when she runs to try to escape him. Little does Kelsey know, that Cole follows her onto the cruise (can we say "stalker) and pays a cruise ship employee to give him her room information. He goes on to yell at her about who she can spend time with, question why she is out of the house, require her to obey orders, threatens to take her over his knee and hit her when she doesn't, criticises what she wears, asks her to leave her job and move in with him (but he is "kind" and accepts eventually that she wants to keep her job to which Kelsey is very grateful- seriously?!?), intercepts her messages, reads her mail from her boss, yells at her, tells everyone she belongs to him, tells her she isn't allowed to leave and he will chase her down, oh and she says she loves him and they will live happily ever after... There is a little side story going on, but don't want to add any spoilers, so just tlaking about the hero/heroine here. I can't understand at all why Kelsey agreed to all of his conditions when she should have been getting a restraining order and running for her life.

It is very obvious that this book was written inSo can't file without them the 80s .

Before she began writing full time she worked as a librarian in both academic and corporate libraries.