When a Texan Gambles

When a Texan Gambles

by Jodi Thomas

It all started when she got thrown off the wagon train.

No matter what he may have done, or how many enemies he has, Sarah feels she owes him.

  • Series: Wife Lottery
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 4.01
  • Pages: 304
  • Publish Date: October 28th 2003 by Jove
  • Isbn10: 0515136298
  • Isbn13: 9780515136296

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If youve read the back-of-the-book-synopsis, you know this is also the second book in the Wife Lottery series; Sam has previously paid Sarahs fine to get her out of a Texas jail cell only to whisk her off with nary a word. And then married towell, I dont want to ruin the story, but (view spoiler)her first husband was still grieving for his wife and apologized to Sarah after every hurried copulation; and I dont think it was from the speed of the act.

When a Texan Gambles is the second book in Jodi Thomas Wife Lottery series, and another winner!

I have been currently reading Jodi Thomas's Wife Lottery series and after I have just finished the first book of the series, The Texan's Wager, which starred Bailee Moore and Carter McKoy, I finally got the chance to read the second book of the series, When a Texan Gambles. When a Texan Gambles stars Sarah Andrews and Sam Gatlin and boy, do they have wild adventures throughout this book! After Sarah Andrews confessed to the murder of Zeb Whitaker along with her friends Bailee and Lacy, she was auctioned off in a Wife Lottery and ends up with a man named Sam Gatlin. Here's what I think Sam Gatlin might look like: Now, this book does not just have adventure, it also has hot and sizzling romantic scenes!

The first day of their marriage her new husband gets stabbed in the back. When Sarah sees him bleeding and he asks her to take out the knife she tells him he owes her, because she doesn't like the sight of blood. How heartless do you have to be, to see another human being dying before your eyes, your husband no less, and not give his life or pain any mind, only worrying about the mild discomfort caused to you by TAKING THE KNIFE OUT OF HIS BACK??!! But then she starts asking him to sleep by her side, then kiss her, then touch (but nothing more!), and after he takes all that without complaint, she starts parading before him naked - because she wants to feel like a woman, you see! And so when he tries to initiate sex with his wife, what does Sarah do? Sure, no need to make it clear that shooting at you is unacceptable for your wife. Sarah is the dumbest, cruelest, most heartless bitch I've ever seen in a romance book. Of course, if the heroine is not a virgin, then her first husband MUST be: - twice her age - toothless - rapist - always openly saying he still loves his first wife and only her - poor and loosing their home - a general bastard who never talks to Sarah, never helps or does anything decent. Sure, you couldn't give her at least a semi-decent friendly husband, let alone a good one who loved her and whom she liked?

I enjoyed a beta hero but alpha heroes are my thing and they don't come any more alpha than Sam Gatlin! He knows he has no use for a wife and that his type of life will never be for such an angel, cause that's how he describes her every time! If you're like me, and love the type of heroes who are bad to the core but have a soft spot for their girls, well, this is the book you have been waiting for so long!

Repeating myself I know, but for me to really like a book it must have a hero that I love...I can get by with a heroine that's just so-so and even at times a slow moving story..maybe:) But the hero has to have qualities that I seek and something that draws me to him. (And you all know how I love my warriors:) Being a bounty hunter, Sams life is always in danger and full of enemies. I wanted this brave, courageous man to find that someone special who loves him just as he is; someone who will recognize a hero to be admired and coveted. Theres not much angst, no complicated plot; just a poignant tale showing love blossoming to full bloom as two beautiful people get to know each other, sharing their present and past lives, facing danger from enemies, discovering passion and filled with sensual desire and a longing to find love and acceptance.

This was another addicting book in the "Wife Lottery" series by Jodi Thomas! She and two other women were thought to have murdered an evil mountain man. I have not read the two other stories in the series, but I think Sarah's might be the saddest.

Moving along we now follow Sarah and Sam on their journey... The Bad News(For me!) Were the things I didn't like: Sarah Sarah annoyed me to no end. She's constantly trying to find things to dislike about Sam, so she can keep him at arm's length. Sam constantly thought of her as an angel, as perfect. The Good News Sam Even though he was a jerk at times, he grew on me. But bad luck had been running a wide streak through his life lately, so he did not bother to be surprised by the possibility." "Granny always told her never to marry a man unless you love him something fierce and cant help yourself, cause men are like apples, they dont do nothing but rot once you take them home." I guess you and I are just meant to marry criminals. LOL I also like the style of writing, it makes the book easy, and yes, enjoyable to red, even when some things bother you. Just a Confusing Factor First, I remember reading in book 1, it was said Sam went to fetch a fancy lawyer. It seemed kind of disconnected and Frank never felt like a natural part of the story.

You see, Sarah was left as a baby and that seemed to be the sign what kind of life she would have. I love how she slowly learned to trust him. They do reach his land near the end of the book, but the journey there was a journey in more ways than one. Sarah is more naive than Bailee even if she was the one who had been married and had a baby. The way she learns about Sam and what couples are about is beautiful and funny at the same time.