Wild Wind

Wild Wind

by Patricia Ryan

And so she broke her own heart and that of Alex de Perigueux, the young knight she loved.

Now, a decade later, Nicolette is still without a child, and her husband gravely ill.Alex returns to France a hero, handsome in body, yet scarred deep in his soul.

  • Series: Perigueux Family
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.68
  • Pages: 380
  • Publish Date: February 1st 1998 by Topaz
  • Isbn10: 0451408268
  • Isbn13: 9780451408266

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Even tho Milo is only 10 years older than him, hes now a frail & emaciated alcoholic, who relies on Gaspar, his apothecary castellan cum caretaker. Nicki wants to try the last option, which is to appeal to the church to appoint them as stewards when the church takes over the title of Peverell. Milos plan B: Well, if worse comes to worst, theyll just have to buy a baby boy & claim Nicki has twins. He keeps badgering @ Alexs resistance & finally succeeds cuz Alex begins to notice the disturbingly improper way Gaspar has been ogling Nicki. Thru flashbacks (shoulda been titled The Young & The Landless), we get a glimpse of what really happened between Alex & Nicki. 9 years ago, Alex & Nicki (2 yrs older than Alex) were in luv, had chaste clandestine meetings @ their enchanted cave. Heartbroken, Alex beseeched Nicki to run away w/ him, but he neglected to propose cuz hes landless. Nicki opted to forsake her luv for Alex. Nicki also had a secret of her own that shed never divulged to Alex. Gaspar (who had also proposed to Nicki & been turned down planting the seeds of hatred & obsession for Nicki) & his 2 minions beat the crap outta Alex, to prevent him from crashing Nickis wedding (per the executive order from Nickis mommie dearest). He genuinely wants to learn how to read & write (no easy feat @ his age), yet is not above using his sessions as a means to weaken Nickis defenses.

So he wants Alex to seduce, impregnate and then leave Nicolette forevermore so that he can claim the child as his own and happily drink the rest of his life away. It takes a skilled author, one who knows her characters inside and out - and who has the talent to let her readers see into the souls of those characters - to make me love, respect and ache for two people caught in this kind of sticky, seemingly impossible situation. And it helped that Milo, pitiful excuse for a human being that he was, wasn't adverse to the union between Alex and his wife, especially when he realized he'd gotten in the way of their true love nine years earlier.

This was supposed to be a cozy historical romance for me, but I did not enjoy the storyline nor many of the characters. Nicki and Alex are our love interests but their characters seemed light in characterization and depth and relied mostly on their attractiveness to others. Milo, Nicki's husband and Alex's cousin, was an alcoholic whose disease had ravaged him nearly to death.

This book came to me as part of a bookcrossing excerpt game, and may go to a swap shelf in Arta, Mallorca. (The way the excerpt game works, is you get an envelope from another participating bookcrosser, with a photocopy of a page from a certain number of books.

Al personaje le tenía más cariño.

Her book Silken Threads also won a RITA, the top award of the Romance Writers of America, for "Best Long Historical Romance" of 2000.