by Jack Vance

1. The Anome (aka The Face Man)2.

  • Series: Durdane
  • Category: Science Fiction
  • Rating: 4.08
  • Publish Date: 1999 by Lübbe
  • Isbn10: 3404232194
  • Isbn13: 9783404232192

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The Anome should be read first, followed by The Brave Free Men. It does not work well as a stand alone book. The Anome and The Brave Free Men should really be considered one book with The Asutra as a sequel. Durdane is ruled by an anonymous, authoritarian ruler called the Faceless Man. Different Faceless Men have ruled the country for over a thousand years and during their rule there has been no war and very little crime. His adventures include his development as a musician, petitioning of the Faceless Man for his mothers freedom, meeting his father who does not know he even exists and dealing with the increasingly murderous creatures called Roguskhoi who attack his hometown. There is little resolution at the end of The Anome, however, so you should immediately begin reading The Brave Free Men for a satisfactory continuation of the story. Released in 1973 as a novel, this is the second book in the three volume Durdane Chronicles. It is a continuation of the story begun in The Anome and should be read after that book and not as a stand alone novel. This is the second time I have read this series and I liked each of the books even better after rereading. The Brave Free Men is more action oriented, continuing the story but focusing more on getting the corrupt government to work properly and motivating the citizens to actively defend themselves against the invading Roguskhoi. In The Brave Free Men the main protagonist, Gastel Etzwane, now has control over the Faceless Man and the government. Rallying the citizens proves to be very difficult, however, because the people are extremely passive and have only known the dictatorial, highly centralized and controlled government of the Faceless Man who had total control over their lives but also protected them and kept things peaceful and crime free. The citizens are use to the total control and protection of the Faceless Man and do not know how to take initiative, organize or defend themselves. The Brave Free Men is easy to read, interesting and bristling with action. But I found The Asutra to be an intriguing continuation of the story and the most satisfying of the three books so advise reading it next. These two initial books in the series (The Anome and The Brave Free Men) should be read one after the other because they are really one novel in two books.

Book one begins with a Boy named Etzwane. Broadly the story is about the boy escaping and growing up and wanting to gather the cash necessary to pay off his mother's indenture (enslavement) but in classic vance style the plot takes a bit of a left turn half way through and his mother is just killed by some random aliens. Book 3 is another random one which begins with Etzwane and his earthman colleague searching for... There are 2 pretty good series (Planet of Adventure, Demon Princes) which are worth reading if you liked the other 2. Then there are 3 slightly dodgy ones which are only worth reading if you have become a massive Jack vance fan (Cadwal, Durdane, Alastor).

Vance is nou niet bepaald een auteur voor als je poetische proza verwacht, maar meer een recht door zee schrijver Het is een verhaal dat uitnodigt om door te lezen. Tot zijn geluk overleeft hij de jacht en hij wordt opgenomen door een troep rondtrekkende muzikanten.

He won both of science fiction's most coveted trophies, the Hugo and Nebula awards.