Doctor Who and the Planet of the Spiders

Doctor Who and the Planet of the Spiders

by Terrance Dicks

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Add to that we had another Time Lord living on Earth (who also Regenerates), a wild multi-vehicle car chase, our first hint that the Tardis is actually alive, an armed revolt with lots of death on the planet Metebilis 3, shenanigans in a Buddhist monastery in the heart of the British countryside, a psychic that dies a rather gruesome death, a bit of Venusian karate from the Doctor, a rather sympathetic depiction of someone with learning difficulties, a cameo appearance by former companion Jo Grant, and a final hurrah for the disgraced Captain Yates. Being plot driven is hardly a bad thing, but the book makes this story feel a lot more exciting than the actual serial - with 6 episodes to narrate, that left just 20 pages per episode. We get to know just enough about the human enslaved by the spiders on Metebilis 3 to feel for them when they finally revolt, inspired by the Doctor of course. So, for one last time GIANT FRICKING SPIDERS!.

2016 - Still fun, still much like watching the old TV versions - short scenes, etc.

It's a great scene and maybe Dicks felt like Pertwee did it so well on-screen that putting it on the printed page might not do it justice. Elizabeth Sladen's reading of "Spiders" is well done and she does the best she can with the source material.

Giant, intelligent spiders from the planet Metebelis 3 have been constructing a device which will expand their already formidable mental powers throughout the universe. By projecting their mental powers, the spiders are able to take control of a few humans on Earth, and use them to steal the crystal and transport it to Metebelis 3.

The result is a pretty standard Doctor Who Target novelization. The result is a fine audiobook of a pretty standard Doctor Who Target novelization.

The plot involves spiders on Met 3 wanting to get the crystal the Doctor took back in The Green Death. We have an extra chapter at the beginning showing what happens with Jo to cause her to send the crystal back to the Doctor. In the last chapters it does a good job of bringing the realization that the 3rd Doctor knows his end is coming.

Terrance Dicks is an English writer, best known for his work in television and for writing a large number of popular children's books during the 1970s and 80s. In 1968 he was employed as the assistant script editor on the BBC's popular science-fiction series Doctor Who. Dicks went on to become the main script editor on the programme the following year, and earned his first writing credit on the show when he and Hulke co-wrote the epic ten-part story The War Games which closed the sixth season and the era of Second Doctor Patrick Troughton. Dicks also contributed heavily to Target Books' range of novelisations of Doctor Who television stories, writing more than sixty of the titles published by the company. During the 1990s, Dicks contributed to Virgin Publishing's line of full-length, officially-licensed original Doctor Who novels, the New Adventures, which carried on the story of the series following its cancellation as an ongoing television programme in 1989. These were followed in 19791983 by another Target trilogy "Star Quest", which were later reprinted by Big Finish Productions.Starting in 1978, Dicks began a series called "The Baker Street Irregulars" which eventually ran to ten books, the last being published in 1987.