Over a Thousand Hills I Walk with You

Over a Thousand Hills I Walk with You

by Hanna Jansen

Before that fateful April day, Jeanne lived the life of a typical Rwandan girl.

Jeanne's family, all Tutsis, fled their home and tried desperately to reach safety.They did not succeed.

As the only survivor of her family's massacre, Jeanne witnessed unspeakable acts.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Cultural
  • Rating: 3.86
  • Pages: 342
  • Publish Date: April 1st 2006 by Carolrhoda Books
  • Isbn10: 1575059274
  • Isbn13: 9781575059273

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The book is written by the adoptive mother of Jeanne to tell the story that is often called the modern day Holocaust.

I knew going in that Jeanne and her family would be affected by the Rwandan genocide and Jeanne would end up in Germany living with Jansen (who adopted her), so I was anxious to get to the heart of the story. What affected me most was the knowledge that at some point Jeanne related all of these devastating details to Jansen. She could (and maybe should) have written two separate books: Jeannes story and her own. Jansen has clearly lived an interesting life. Each time Jansen intrudes into the narrative, I am reminded that Jeannes experiences have been filtered through another, and I must question the books level of authenticity. She does comment at one point about how excellent Jeannes memory is, but I still have to wonder.

I was really excited about reading this book. I think the main reason for this is that at the beginning of every chapter, there's a section written from Jansen to her adoptive daughter, Jeanne, discussing their relationship. And I really enjoyed these sections, because they gave a great sense of the fact that life doesn't instantly go back to normal when you lose your entire family and end up moving half way around the world. It also took a reeeeeeeeeally long time to get going - I understand that the intention is to set up Jeanne's life BEFORE it was filled with atrocities and murder and a fight for survival. But over 100 pages - nearly a third of the book, in fact - is taken up with setting the scene, and I would have liked to see a little more balance.

I keep hoping that the more books like this that are written, and the more people read them, the less things like this will happen. But I guess the people who really need to read books like this one aren't, because genocides are still happening.

Dédé führt ein glückliches Leben, im Sommer besuchen sie immer ihre Großmutter und treffen dort auf alle Verwandten, die über das komplette Land verteilt leben. Zusammen mit Jando vertreibt sie sich die Zeit, eigentlich möchte Dédé gar kein Mädchen sein, sie will viel lieber wie die Jungs auf Bäume klettern und um die Wette laufen, schon das ein oder andere Mal hat ihr vorlautes Mundwerk ihr Ärger eingebracht, auch in der Schule. Mit ihren gerade mal 8 Jahren hat sie mehr Grausamkeiten und Hass gesehen, als jemals jemand sehen sollte und trotzdem kämpft sie weiter um ihr Leben und nimmt auch später kein Blatt vor dem Mund und erzählt alles über die schrecklichen Gräueltaten und als das Grauen, welches sie gesehen hat. Hanna Jansen hat bereits 13 Kinder aus aller Welt aufgenommen und dort findet auch Jeanne ein Zuhause und jemand, der sich ihre Geschichte anhört und sie aufschreibt. Über tausend Hügel wandere ich mit dir ist in zwei Kapitel unterteilt und die Erzählungen von Jeanne werden zwischen durch immer wieder unterbrochen durch Schilderungen von Hanna Jansen aus der Gegenwart, was dem Leser kurzfristig Zeit verschafft ein bisschen durchzuatmen und sich erneut zu wappnen was noch kommen wird. Seite 112 Ich bewundere die Stärke, den Mut und den Überlebenswillen von Jeanne und auch die Stärke von ihrer Mutter Hanna Jansen dieses Thema aufzugreifen und ein Buch darüber zu schreiben, um so viele Menschen wie möglich zu erreichen. Fazit Ich möchte dieses Buch nicht bewerten, denn es hat kein Mensch das Recht über ein anderes Leben zu urteilen oder zu werten.

Written by the adoptive mother of a young girl who survived the Rwandan genocide, "Over a Thousand HIlls" follows 8-year-old Jeanne's ordeal as she sees her world torn apart by the war and her family killed because of ethnic distinctions she does not really understand.

This definitely personalizes a genocide, and I think titles including this would serve as good pairings with units on the Holocaust--illustrating that genocides continue and impact individuals, not just groups.

These 6 year-old girls are going through society problems because of adults. This book just made me sorry for them to face these things 6 year-olds should never face.

Powerful story of a young girl's survival through the Rwandan genocide.

Twenty years I worked as a teacher of art, German language and literature and wrote lesson units and texts for a large textbook publisher.