Deadly Dose: The Untold Story of a Homicide Investigator's Crusade for Truth and Justice

Deadly Dose: The Untold Story of a Homicide Investigator's Crusade for Truth and Justice

by Amanda Lamb

To love, honorand poisonthe true story of a wife brought to justice. For four months, arsenic consumed the body of promising young pediatric AIDS researcher Eric Miller. No one thought that his wife could be capable of such a horrible crimeexcept for veteran homicide investigator Chris Morgan, a man who would spend the next four years in his pursuit of justice.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Crime
  • Rating: 3.66
  • Pages: 320
  • Publish Date: June 3rd 2008 by Berkley
  • Isbn10: 0425221962
  • Isbn13: 9780425221969

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I've read many many true crime books in my life (being one of my favorite genres) and have never fed into the "must prove a motive" that all prosecutors feel they must have to make a case. I highly recommend this book, I found it to be intriguing and so unlike any other true crime I have ever read that it just put it over the top for me.

- - since it's Mr Morgan's point of view,there were some snippets of his activities outside of the case.Okay, shows that he's human,but I skipped that portion,pardon me. Get this - if you're a fan of true crime - if you haven't heard of this case before (neither do I,I was a high-schooler when this happened) - if you really,really interested on how the mysteries unfold.

You always wonder why people can seem so in love but yet, not. I hope Amanda keeps writing more true crime.

Despite the subtitle of "the untold story of a homicide investigator's crusade for truth and justice" potential readers might assume, as I did, that this book would provide an understanding of the crime, the victim (Eric Miller) and the murderer (Ann Miller). Would you believe repeated hints about the weight of the cop in question along with regular updates on his sartorial tastes accompanied by detours into other investigations that have nothing to do with the Miller case? This is not the story of the Eric Miller case in any way, shape or form. It is, at best, several years in the life of policeman Chris Morgan who happens to be in charge of the Miller case for some of those years. Which would be lame enough but the way Amanda Lamb tells this story makes it a thousand times worse. Here's a tip for all true crime writers: There is very little reason for ongoing detailed descriptions of police attire for the simple fact that it comes in only two flavors: uniform and plainclothes. In her telling, Morgan spends the first half of the book criticizing Sgt Fluck's handling of the Miller case (Morgan's not even on in), jumping to the conclusion that Ann Miller is guilty because ... It is a dark, dark day when a true crime book leaves the reader wondering if the plus-size flat foot in charge didn't create a case against a woman just because he decided she was a "psychopath", a "criminal mastermind," and a "master manipulator" without a single fact to back up any of his pronouncements. I do think Ann Miller is guilty but since Lamb doesn't see fit to tell us what the investigators actually learned and never provides insights from people who knew Eric or Ann I can only imagine what facts were. The phrase "prior murderess events" is convoluted and meaningless but the winner has to be Lamb spending pages on the fact that a friend of Ann Miller is playing The Dixie Chicks "Earl's Gotta Die" when the police question her. It ends with Morgan being "finished with it", just SO over it, "alone with his tortured soul." When in the acknowledgements section Lamb thanks her "collaborators" it actually took me a second to realize that she did not use that word in the sense of "those who assist the enemy." Some stories really are better left untold if they're going to be told with staggering ineptitude.

Investigator Morgan can't understand why the promising AIDS researcher had to die this way.

Interesting and disturbing read about a real life torturous murder of an upstanding and accomplished man who was just beginning to apply and enjoy all he worked for.

(sex, manipulation, deceit, infidelity, horrific poisoning, pawns, clueless characters, a "Colombo" type investigator that won't be fooled or give up, lawyers and their privileges, court decisions, suicide, slut- like behaviors, weird fake behaviors, a family that enables, users, etc.-goes on and on) A must read and so interesting because it's a true story.

The question about what the man said to his lawyer was protected by attorney client privilege?

She has published eight books in dramatically different genres from true crimes to touching and humorous memoirs. Amanda's three true crime books include "Love Lies," the saga of a young mother who disappeared after her husband said she went jogging and never returned home. Her memoirs include "The Living Room" which chronicles her 80-day journey caring for her mother who was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Amanda's parenting memoirs include "I Love You to God and Back" which chronicles her young daughter's prayers giving the reader a glimpse into the way adults see the world through a child's eyes. "Girls Gone Child" chronicles Amanda's daughters' sometimes outrageous journey out of babyhood into childhood with their mother as their imperfect but always loving tour guide.