The Challenge

The Challenge

by Susan Kearney

She was shot protecting the president, and woke up naked, in the arms of a hunk...A hunk named Kahn, who told Secret Service agent Tessa Camen an outlandish story about traveling through time, saving the world, and a Challenge only she can accept.

  • Series: Rystani Warrior
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 3.65
  • Pages: 377
  • Publish Date: October 31st 2006 by Tor Paranormal Romance
  • Isbn10: 076535733X
  • Isbn13: 9780765357335

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Although I really liked Tessa when she was by herself or with Dora and Osari, I couldn't stand her when she was with Kahn! After the gag scene and her falling apart after his humiliating rejection I was hoping for a huge groveling scene from him but we get Tessa easily forgiving his effed up actions because she wants a chance to make their messed up marriage work. Nothing Kahn has done warrants this thought process. Even after his acceptance of Tessa, Kahn never convinced me he was genuine. I cant help but think he settled for Tessa because his people needed her for their very survival. It was all too convenient to have Tessa. Safety: H is not a virgin, is widowed, loved his wife.

The Challenge Review he was shot protecting the president, and woke up naked, in the arms of a hunk...A hunk named Kahn, who told Secret Service agent Tessa Camen an outlandish story about traveling through time, saving the world, and a Challenge only she can accept.

She wakes up naked in the arms of Kahn, an alien hunk who tells her that she has been selected to be Earth's representative in something called the Challenge. Needless to say, Tessa and Kahn have sex quite a few times before the Challenge begins. Kahn tells Tessa that if she wins the Challenge, Earth gets a trial membership in the Federation of Planets, and Kahn's people, the Rystanis, get permanent membership because of his assistance. Kahn tells Tessa that to win the Challenge, she must discover and master her innate psi ability--something Tessa swears she doesn't have. Kahn decides that the best way for Tessa to discover her psi powers is by making her sexually frustrated. When Tessa was transported through time, Kahn took her clothes and replaced them with a psi-powered "suit" like all inhabitants of this future Federation of Planets wear (it's one the big benefits of membership--along with ...) . In the time between Tessa's selection and the actual Challenge, the couple has time to travel to the home world of the Federation of Planets and then to Kahn's planet. One of the more ridiculous sequences involving Kahn and the group use of psi powers occurs during this part of the story. I have read the other books in the series, and I liked subsequent ones much better, mostly because the heroes were more likeable and less control freaks.

Readers are taken forward into the future where Tessa is awakened to be told she has been selected as the Earth candidate for the Challenge. Kahn is the Rystani who is selected to prepare Tessa for the Challenge. The fact that the suit is used to provoke Tessa into using her unknown psi abilities in the manner that it was for the length of time that it was ruined this book for me. The Challenge itself was lost at some point in this tale and then picked up again as an afterthought the give a final wrap up to Kahn and Tessas tale.

Title: The Challenge Series: Rystani Warrior Author: Susan Kearney Designation: Book One of Series, Full-length Standalone Novel, NO Cliffhanger, HEA My Rating: Four Captivating Stars***** After reading some of the negative reviews, I was somewhat hesitant to invest my time into reading it this novel and even more reluctant since Susan Kearney is a new author for me. I base my opinions/reviews on a combination of factors including originality, world building, scene depictions, plot and character development, craftsmanship, grammar, editing and cover art but the foremost element for me is how well it holds my interest and whether I actually enjoy what I'm reading, and I very much enjoyed The Challenge by Susan Kearney. When I truly love a book, I'm able to tune out the world, all interruptions and immerse myself completely in the adventure and the world created by the author. Kearney's imagination is literally off the charts and she did a fabulous job of executing her vision for this story into a well developed and well crafted novel. In several reviews, comments were made about the body suits featured in this story which were manufactured by a now extinct advanced alien civilization. If I can accept the possibility of traveling through time to an alien spaceship 300 years in the future to participate in a Challenge to save an alien planet, I can certainly accept and appreciate reading about a very advanced space age body suit that can function as clothing and body armor, providing protection from weapons, physical violence, heat, cold and even adjust for gravity, and controlled by the mind of the wearer. One reviewer criticized the author by commenting on the impossibility of having sex while wearing the suit but if we're truthful, I'm sure most of us have had sex at some point in our life while still wearing our clothes. Sure, I didn't particularly care for the fact that the suits negated the wearer's need to use the bathroom but this story was the author's vision, not mine. I loved the originality, craftsmanship, plot, characters, the exceptional world building and vivid descriptions along with the author's ability to put her idea for this story into an intelligent, imaginative, enjoyable format. I will conclude my review by saying, if you love heart-pounding danger, heart-stopping adventure, spine-tingling suspense, imaginative and intelligently written science fiction with wonderful worlds and clever gadgets, courageous dominant alpha male heroes, sassy, resourceful and very brave female heroines, steamy passion and dreamy romance, then you will assuredly enjoy this book.

She finds herself thrown thousands of years into the future and told that she must compete in a challenge that will secure the membership of a planet filled with Rystani people (due to the success of her trainer who is Rystani) as well as help bring Earth (Terrans) into the status of being considered for membership into the federation as well. Kahn is the Rystani trainer who, while following the Challenge's regulations and rules, must get Tessa to use her psi powers to utilize her "suit." The best way that he knows how is to invoke frustration and sexual frustration is the route he takes.

Tessa acts like no woman Kahn has known, and how he can he train her? Rystarni is a male dominated world, that Kahn is leader of. Kahn will have to adjust his thinking if he is to get Tessa trained to win the challenge. Kahn and Tessa meshed and made the storyline exciting and fun to read.

Their species believed sexual frustration was the way to "activate" other parts of the brain.

Susan Kearney used to set herself on fire four times a day, now a USA TODAYBESTSELLING author, she does something really hotshe writes paranormal romance and romantic suspense for Tor. She can apply the old rule of "write what you know" and never run out of ideas for characters and plots.