In Search of the Lost

In Search of the Lost

by T.L. James

After fourteen years of separation from his family, Mallory is summoned to return home to join The Family Business.

Poised for success, Mallory is focused on turning around the ailing business, not realizing that taking his assigned reigns will put him in a position of unrelenting power which he is unaware he even has.

His world crashes as he reunites with his brothers and becomes Death, the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse.

  • Series: MPire
  • Language: English
  • Category: Science Fiction
  • Rating: 4.06
  • Pages: 368
  • Publish Date: November 17th 2009 by PHE Ink - Writing Solutions Firm
  • Isbn10: 0982447515
  • Isbn13: 9780982447212

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I will be reviewing the second book in this Mpire trilogy in the next few weeks as well. You have to read to find out what happens, but let me tell you about Mallory. You will have to read to find out who Matthew and Mallory really are! I can't wait to read the next book in this trilogy, called Death Cometh!.

But those things never last forever and Mallory must take up his position in the family business. Even with the grammatical errors, The MPire: In Search of the Lost will keep the reader enchanted on Mallory's journey of self discovery.

And you can't help but root for a character that you come to love, despite his many flaws. T.L. James' characters are well drawn, and the story is quick-paced, gradually revealing the pain and mystery that surround the Halum family and everyone they come in contact with.

Mallory is so anal he has sex timed down to the minute, and his voracious appetite for the ladies has his brothers way more appalled than impressed. Wellthe other three brothers are part of the family businessand as part of the next generation, they need Mallory too. (Black people: all thats missing is the N) Never mind that Mallory has made his own name in the world, heading a million dollar enterprise called Towneson Financial. Problem: Mallory doesnt want to. Problem: So does his big brother Marc, the so-called family leader. Big problem: This ominous black cloud is haunting Mallorys dreams. The family business turns out to be the Apocalypse, and Mallory and his brothers: Marc, Merek and Marlon, are the Four Horseman. Will Mallory accept his role in the family business or will he walk away from everything? I dont know whats up with these Kendall Pub books but this is the second one I read where I wanted to pimp smack the editor.

No one wants the battle to end, especially the good guys. This extremely sexy, fantasy drama surrounds the family of Haulm; however, the main character is Mallory Towneson. Mallory is startled to also reconnect with his half-brother, Matthew, who has also joined the firm, though not as a major officer. Mallory and Matthew had met in college, not knowing that they were half-brothers, and had become intimately involved. None of his family believed that he couldnt remember anything about his past until Marek, one of his brothers does finally realize that he had no idea, and explained to him, that it was now Mallorys time to convert--to take his role as the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse, Death... But both Mallory and Matthew had something to say about that!

there are references to the Apocalypse, flashbacks wrapped in mystery plus graphic sensual trysts between the main protagonist and his "conquests" that seem surreal and dreamlike at times. my interest and curiosity was definitely piqued and i look forward to reading the second part The MPire: Death Cometh (available now) and the third one The MPire: Trinity which will be released on September 8, 2011. i also received from the author a copy of The MPire Chronicles of the Haulm Boys. Disclosure of Material Connection: i am a host for the NURTURE Virtual BOOK Tourz and i received a copy of The MPire: In Search Of The Lost from the author herself.

There is where she cultivated an interest in biblical studies which is woven throughout the trilogy. As she developed the storyline for this labor of love, she worked tirelessly with her son constantly tucked around her waist.