The Morning After

The Morning After

by Michelle Reid

"You cannot be allowed to go on ruining lives simply because that body of yours drives men insane!"Cesar DeSanquez was right about Annie's beauty: it had made her into an international supermodel.

But the only life about to be ruined was Annie's - by Cesar!

  • Series: Forbidden!
  • Language: English
  • Category: Category Romance
  • Rating: 3.41
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: November 22nd 1996 by Harlequin Presents
  • Isbn10: 0373118597
  • Isbn13: 9780373118595

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Then the H takes the h's virginity in what IRL I would call rape. They also have some pretty rough angry sex at one point.

The OM friend is currently estranged from his supermodel girlfriend who is jealous of the heroine. As part of a plan to make the OM's former girlfriend jealous, the heroine is draped all over him at a party. The obsessed hero arranges a photo-shoot on his remote Caribbean island. (view spoiler) Heroine stands up for herself, but the hero is adamant about keeping her there for two weeks. The heroine then remembers that the hero is going to give her photo-shoot the OM's girlfriend and asks about it. Another row - more angry sex - and then the hero leaves on his helicopter leaving the heroine stranded for over a week. He also reports that the OM is going to make up with the girlfriend - and that the girlfriend had already done the photo-shoot - the heroine never really had it.

The H, Cesar, and Annie live's intersect again when Annie's half brother Todd starts dating Susie, Cesar's cousin. Susie hooks up with Annie's brother Todd, cause he has money and is launching a fabulous life styles of the rich and famous magazine. Annie is contracted to model his jewelry for the first edition launching of Todd's new magazine. Cesar decides that Susie will get that honor instead and so after soaking Annie's dress in champagne to get her away from Todd at the party, he takes her home and Annie feels a smidgen of attraction as the Lurve Force Mojo kicks in. He then also threatens Todd's magazine launch by telling Annie he will cancel his photo spread of his fabulous jewelry collection. No further explanations are really needed for anything he does at this point.) Annie and Cesar marry, there is a week of semi-forced and eventually mutual lurve club extravaganza's and Annie starts to worry about Todd and the magazine launch. Cesar then explains that he promised Susie she could model his new jewel collection a long time ago and then Susie decided that Todd's new magazine would be the perfect launch for her and Cesar's collection and oh, she supposedly really loves Todd too, forget about all the other men she runs around with. Cesar shows Annie that the other set of pictures is of Susie wearing his collection, except for his sapphires that he designed for Annie. (It really is too bad she is a decent person and declines to tell Todd about how Cesar and Susie set her up.) Now Cesar claims he is in love cause he has been obsessed with Annie for the last four years. (One can only hope that Todd pumps and dumps then throws Susie back on the slag heap and she winds up a B grade porno actress.) Annie pretends to believe Cesar when he claims Susie didn't help him stage the whole set up and Cesar says his sister is supposedly sorry for crucifying Annie like she did in her divorce.

At the party, Annie sees Cesare, the first man to ever make her insides go a little twisty. Adamus is actually Cesare, and this modelling job is a trap! Now Annie is stuck on Cesares private Caribbean island with Cesare, and hes bent on revenge for the wrongs shes done to some of the ladies in his family. He runs a billion dollar mining company, and its nice for him that he has his little jewellery hobby on the side, even if Ive decided that his designs are vulgar. But when he starts to get a hint that hes probably done something pretty wrong, and that Annies not going to make it easy for him, he turns petulant and unresponsive. Preferably both of them, but Cesare was in more need of being adult than Annie was, because Annie didnt go around kidnapping people. Its a little ambiguous that he initially is terrible in bed because its so frustrating when sex is so vaguely described, but when the heroine runs away in tears post-coitus, its not good news.

Hero was obsessed and in love with the heroine for years.

I don't think I'm ever going to be calm enough to write about this without having a rage aneurysm. I say ironically because, well, the hero isn't actually all that clear on what consent does and does not include. It seems to me that the hero even, in the back of his mind (he didn't say so aloud) blamed the heroine for the assault by his brother in law.

This is why I love reading Harlequins. This had everything which makes you enjoy reading a Harlequin. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. A word of caution: This is way OTT and may make your blood shimmer and even boil but in the end you know it's a Harlequin and you take everything in your stride and enjoy it thoroughly.

At some point I discovered Mills & Boon Romance books and that was pretty much it for me. So twenty years on and almost forty books on, here I am still writing and still loving it!