Year's Best SF 11

Year's Best SF 11

by David G. Hartwell

Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer1 New Hope for the Dead (2005) shortstory by David Langford5 Deus Ex Homine (2005) shortstory by Hannu Rajaniemi22 When the Great Days Came (2005) shortstory by Gardner Dozois as by Gardner R.

Dozois 29 Second Person, Present Tense (2005) novelette by Daryl Gregory54 Dreadnought (2005) shortstory by Justina Robson58 A Case of Consilience (2005) shortstory by Ken MacLeod73 Toy Planes (2005) shortstory by Tobias S.

Buckell77 Mason's Rats Mason's Rats (1992) shortstory by Neal Asher (variant of Mason's Rats I)85 A Modest Proposal (2005) shortstory by Vonda N.

McIntyre89 Guadalupe and Hieronymus Bosch (2005) shortstory by Rudy Rucker106 The Forever Kitten (2005) shortstory by Peter F.

Hamilton111 City of Reason Homesteader/Coordinator Group 3 (2005) novelette by Matthew Jarpe136 Ivory Tower (2005) shortstory by Bruce Sterling140 Sheila (2005) shortstory by Lauren McLaughlin156 Rats of the System (2005) shortstory by Paul J.

McAuley as by Paul McAuley 176 I Love Liver: A Romance (2005) shortstory by Larissa Lai180 The Edge of Nowhere (2005) novelette by James Patrick Kelly207 What's Expected of Us (2005) shortstory by Ted Chiang211 Girls and Boys, Come Out to Play Darger and Surplus (2005) novelette by Michael Swanwick241 Lakes of Light Xeelee (2005) novelette by Stephen Baxter262 The Albian Message (2005) shortstory by Oliver Morton266 Bright Red Star (2005) shortstory by Bud Sparhawk281 Third Day Lights (2005) novelette by Alaya Dawn Johnson305 Ram Shift Phase 2 (2005) shortstory by Greg Bear310 On the Brane (2004) novelette by Gregory Benford330 Oxygen Rising (2005) novelette by R.

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There are two so far that I find both innovative and exciting, Rudy Ruckers Guadalupe and Hieronymus Bosch and Daryl Gregorys Second Person, Present Tense. David Langford New Hope for the Dead (Nature 2005) Hannu Rajaniemi Deus Ex Homine (Nova Scotia 2005) Gardner R Dozois When the Great Days Came (F&SF 2005) Daryl Gregory Second Person, Present Tense (Asimovs 2005) Justina Robson Dreadnought (Nature 2005) Ken Macleod A Case of Consilience (Nova Scotia 2005) Tobias S Bucknell Toy Planes (Nature 2005) Neal Asher Masons Rats (Asimovs 2005) Vonda N McIntyre A Modest Proposal (Nature 2005) Rudy Rucker Guadalupe and Hieronymus Bosch (Interzone 2005) Peter F Hamilton The Forever Kitten (Nature 2005) Matthew Jarpe City of Reason (Asimovs 2005) Bruce Sterling Ivory Tower (Nature 2005) Lauren McLaughlin Sheila (Interzone 2005) Paul McAuley Rats of The System (Constellations 2005) Larissa Lai I Love Liver: A Romance (Nature 2005) James Patrick Kelly The Edge of Nowhere (Asimovs 2005) Ted Chiang Whats Expected of Us (Nature 2005) Michael Swanwick Girls and Boys, Come Out to Play (Asimovs Aug 2005) Stephen Baxter Lakes of Light (Constellations 2005) Oliver Morton The Albian Message (Nature 2005) Bud Sparhawk Bright Red Star (Asimovs 2005) Alaya Dawn Johnson Third Day Lights (Interzone 200 2005) Greg Bear Ram Shift Phase 2 (Nature 2005) Gregory Benford On the Brane (Gateways 2005) R Garcia y Robertson Oxygen Rising (2005) Adam Roberts And Future King (Nature 2005) Alastair Reynolds Beyond the Aquila Rift (Constellations 2005) Joe Haldeman Angel of Light (Cosmos #6 Dec 2005) Liz Williams Ikiryoh (Asimovs, Dec 2005) Cory Doctorow I, Robot (Infinite Matrix Dec 2005) David Langford New Hope for the Dead A satirical tale in which the digitally preserved dead are recruited to police e-mail during a credit crunch. Hannu Rajaniemi Deus Ex Homine A very well-written story involving mans fight against a virus which transforms humans into godlike AIs. Gardner R Dozois When the Great Days Came The first of the stories in this volume featuring rats (either literally or symbolically). Vonda N McIntyre A Modest Proposal Like Macleods story, this is also a response to an earlier piece, in this case Swifts (?) A Modest Proposal to Improve on Nature. The alien appears to be planning some kind of art installation of his own, featuring the relationship between the two, but things do not go to plan Peter F Hamilton The Forever Kitten A short and fairly standard piece from Hamilton, which again looks at one of his favourite themes, that of longevity. Bruce Sterling Ivory Tower A very brief tale about physicists setting up their own university on the internet Lauren McLaughlin Sheila A beautifully atmospheric and engaging story about AIs, humans and religion. AI worship also features in the following story by Paul McAuley Paul McAuley Rats of The System When transcendent AIs abandon Earth, fundamentalist sects proclaim them as gods and set about destroying anyone who dares to believe differently. from Greg Bear Ram Shift Phase 2 Another short short story from Nature Gregory Benford On the Brane Humans visit a parallel Earth in a universe which is dying far faster than ours, where the laws of physics are very different and intelligent life of a very odd sort has evolved on Earth. Another very short piece from Nature Alastair Reynolds Beyond the Aquila Rift Reynolds is expert at the incredibly dense universe he creates.

I had read one of the later books in this series and was blown away so I was really looking forward to this one. Because I'm just so effing nice.) Selections seemed to be picked because they fell into certain themes: 1) Rodents: Because when you think "mouse" or "rat" you naturally think "scifi." 2) Post-humanity. Apparently, that's NOT what "post-humanity" means. 4) Sub-referencing previous scifi novels, stories or worlds that I haven't read yet:

But really, how many stories can you read in a row with the theme: "technology has made us like unto gods, let's explore what remains of our humanity"?

"A Case of Consilience"/Ken MacLeod.