Tales of the Old World

Tales of the Old World

by Marc Gascoigne

Repeating the winning formula established by Let the Galaxy Burn, this bumper anthology unites classic short stories with brand-new tales. An attractive package that will appeal to Warhammer fans and all lovers of great fantasy fiction.

  • Series: Warhammer
  • Language: English
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Rating: 3.71
  • Pages: 768
  • Publish Date: April 24th 2007 by Games Workshop
  • Isbn10: 1844164527
  • Isbn13: 9781844164523

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A massive tome collecting lots of the best heavy metal/grimdark fantasy Warhammer short stories from Black Library, previously published in the anthologies "Realm of Chaos", "Herous of Valour" and in Games Workshop's late "Inferno!" magazine. (view spoiler) Tales of Honour & Heroism Freedom's home or Glory's grave: 3, 5 stars A tale about a Bretonnian knight and his squire fighting against a necromancer and his undeads, and when sir Leofric meets a group of freedom fighters in the woods, he finds much more than he bargained and his concept of honour and what is right or wrong is going to change for good. A good story so different from most of Warhammer tales set in the Empire, but leaves you wanting read much more about the past of Leofric and the menace of the vampire knight Red Duke, so now I really have to read Graham McNeill's "Guardians of the forest" and "The Red Duke" by C.L. Werner (buried somewhere in my crowded bookshelves...). The doorway between: 4 stars Witch hunter Frantz Heidel is hired by baron Ludwig Heitz to take back his family heirloom from a rampaging Chaos warband, but in the grim world of Warhammer appearances can be often deceptive. Night too long: 3, 5 stars A mistery tale about two officers of the Palisades, a minor imperial army division, looking for the ones that are trying to kill an Elector Count and for missing women in Altdorf. A dungeon quest more D&D style than Wfrp and missing for good the grimdark feeling of the Warhammer setting, but I've read Grunsonn's Marauders were the test group of Warhammer Quest tabletop game at Games Workshop so that's ok. The man who stabbed Luther Van Groot: 4 stars A very enjoyable mistery murder tale set in Marienburg, mercantile centre of the Old World. Tales of Revenge & Betrayal The faithful servant: 4 stars Markus, a warrior priest of Sigmar, is the only survivor after a great battle where Kislevite Lancers, Knight Panther and the combined forces of Kislev and the Empire fought against the rampaging hordes of Chaos. The dark fantasy version of Mary Shelley's "ghost story challenge" night at Villa Diodati meets Lovecraft's "At the mountains of madness" in the grim world of Warhammer. Path of warriors: 5 stars Life in a quiet coast village of Kislevite fishermen is going to change after they see the ships coming from the frightening North. A great origin story that leaves you wanting to read as soon as possibile Neil McIntosh's Stefan Kumansky trilogy. Seventh Boon: 3 stars A faustian pact tale full of twists and action by Mitchell Scanlon, but the end was lame for me. A nice action packed tale by Mark Brendan about Chaos, deceit, demonic possession, ancient necromancers and their dangerous books, and a young apprentice sorcerer changing his life and career for good. A grim action packed tale in the dirty alleys of the academic city of Nuln by Rani Kellock, mixing for good the classic fantasy theme of the thief run out of luck with Warhammer setting elements. Tales of Death & Corruption Shyi-Zar: 5+++ stars The forces of Chaos are gathering again in the far North to unleash again a storm of carnage and mayhem on the bloodless southern Empire under the banner of Archaon, the demon who is man. An awesome tale about what is being a Chaos Warrior, showing again why Dan Abnett is the best author of Black Library. A choice of hatreds: 5 stars A great tale full of action and twists of C.L.Werner's Mathias Thulman witch hunter, a Solomon Kane style grim character. A young noble in search of vengeance for his love burned at stake by the templar of Sigmar and a rich merchant worshipper of the Ruinous Powers are going to ruin it for good when their murderous intents collide in this long festive night. A grim chilling tale by Brian Craig about love beyond the grave and how life and death are bonded, far away by usual fantasy cliches. The Hanging Tree: 5 stars On a rainy and stormy night, two strangers arrive in the Slaughtered Calf inn in the backwater town of Viehdorf: an imperial Road Warden looking for his former partner, a missing witch hunter, and a fire wizard of the Bright Order. A great horror tale with all the classical elements of the Warhammer setting by Jonathan Green, that I am sorry had not read years ago when game-mastering Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay to make it a road-encounter-adventure for my dear players. Hatred: 2 stars A lame story about witch hunter bearing the same mark of the corruption he is hunting for by Ben Chessell. Son and heir: 3, 5 stars A noble bretonnian knight is going to become father of his first son and heir, but Chaos has different plans about it. Ill met in Mordheim: 4 stars Two bands of mercenaries, a Reiklander Sigmarites one and another one of Marienburgers lead by an Estalian adventurer, join forces in the quest for the Heart of Sigmar, the Warrior God, the core of the fiery twin tailed comet that destroyed the sinners city of Mordheim 5 years ago. Totentanz: 5+ stars An awesome tale about life and death that leaves you thinking a lot.

As with most anthologies, you'll find different quality levels as you read through some.

Most of the stories in this collection are different from the usual set-up for short stories in that they feel like miniature, condensed novels.