The Pillow Boy of the Lady Onogoro

The Pillow Boy of the Lady Onogoro

by Alison Fell

This exquisite, exuberant, X-rated novel (Mirabella), set in feudal Japan, tells the story of a concubine who hires a stable boy to whisper erotic stories from behind a screen while she entertains her master, a samurai general.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Fiction
  • Rating: 3.63
  • Pages: 256
  • Publish Date: February 1st 1997 by Mariner Books
  • Isbn10: 0156004682
  • Isbn13: 9780156004688

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The main plot is simple yet I've never seen anything like it before: Onogoro, a poet and concubine of a general, couldn't get an orgasm while being humped by her lover. I had been a connoisseur of porn when I was younger and still single and I had never seen many of the scenes depicted in these stories like that guy fucking a tree; another one, caught with his infidelity, drowned in a bathtub of menstrual blood patiently collected by his irate partner from her own monthly secretions and those of her female friends; and another one fucked by his lover while drowning in a rising sea tide, the woman unable to save him because a big clam won't let go of his foot despite his and his lover's valiant efforts to free it.

Lady Onogoro ha sotto il cuscino il desiderio: quello di saper scrivere belle poesie alla corte del Principe, quello di essere amata dal suo generale, quello di godere del suo uomo e della sua poesia. Gli occhi di Lady Omoto si strinsero sino a farsi fessure, e un languido tremor di fusa le tambureggiò in petto, un inno in memoria dell'infanzia e della fragrante sdrucciovole paglia della prima lettiera, un inno al goffo strofinio di muso in cerca di latte e alla prima membrana leccata via, e alla prima apertura d'occhi sulla prima candida luna piena della sua vita....Adesso Lady Omoto sembrava sul punto di svenire per il piacere, divisa tra il tepore della memoria e quello del grambo umido su cui era accucciata."(pag. Conoscere se stesse, il proprio modo di amare, il proprio modo di essere amata: per me donna, , madre di donna, ciò si identifica con un 'problema educativo': quello dell''educazione sentimentale' a cui sono ancora chiamata.

Japonya'daki Heyan çayla ilgili bir kitap. 'Kitap bana bir eyler öretmeli,' söylemine tam anlamyla cevap verdi.

Lady Onogoro, a self-made woman in the 11th century Japanese imperial court, has a problem: her lover and patron doesnt excite her. The Pillow Boy of Lady Onogoro is hardly a popular or well-known novel in any circle Im in, so purchasing it at first sight was rather a chance. I was attracted mostly by the 11th century Japanese setting, though Alison Fell is focused mostly on characters and stories, not the intricacies of court life. There is purpose in the stories-within-stories format, and though the main plot has to do with the triangle between Onogoro, her wealthy lover, and her blind stableboy, I feel like this book touches on culture and psychology in meaningful ways as well. Onogoro likes her wealthy lover and enjoys his patronage, but the stories the stableboy tells stimulate her mentally in ways shes never experienced before. It might take a certain kind of reader to enjoy The Pillow Boy of Lady Onogoro, but I think once one grows accustomed to vaguely disquieting and quite explicit sex, the book has a lot of qualities (and perhaps the weird sex is one of them).

During the post reading Q&A, Alison Fell claimed that when she set out to write this she wanted to write a book about a woman living in a deeply constrictive society. In her delightful accent what she said actually sounded more like "krill" (with a delightful little roll at the "r", just the sort of thing to tickle an American's ear. Its superfluousness?) This book is sensual and sexy and full of imagery and words that send blood rushing to every cranny of your body. If you are neither haptic nor sensually inclined, if you don't know the difference between pornography and erotica, or if you find female sexuality and body functions disturbing you probably should stay clear of this book.

Their lives as concubines and mistresses are shown as perilously short; a woman who didnt manage to finangle her way into a better life might be tossed onto the scrap heap, alone, impoverished and forgotten. This novel is based on the fragments of a novel by the Lady Onogoro, a woman who lived at about the same time as the famous Sei Shonagon, she who wrote her own pillow book. Given that were talking about lovers exchanging secret notes to each other, that might be one interpretation.) Lady Onogoro prized herself on her poetry and the novel makes it obvious that it was a source of comfort and torment to her as well as the way she distinguished herself at court. Winding their way through the story, through poetry, dreams, visions and stories, Onogoro gains a measure of wisdom and inner peace as she learns what and who it is she truly wants and desires.

The narrator would describe two poets conversing then shift to the lizard who sat in the beams above them. Beyond the delight of Fell's narratival skill was the feminist slant of the novel. The climax of the novel had more to do with Lady Onogoro's sense of self and agency than anything else.

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