The Heritage of Shannara

The Heritage of Shannara

by Terry Brooks

Brooks answered with a quartet of beloved novels The Heritage of Shannara.

Now, for the first time in one handsome collector s edition hardcover, here are: "The Scions of Shannara," "The Druid of Shannara," "The Elf Queen of Shannara," and" The Talismans of Shannara" the thrilling continuation of the saga that has become one of the most enduring fantasy epics of all time.

The Scions of ShannaraSince the death of the Druid Allanon, magic has been strictly forbidden in the Four Lands.

Then a dire message from Allanon sends Par and his brother Coll on an impossible task: to recover the long-lost Sword of Shannara or all life in the Four Lands will be destroyed.The Druid of ShannaraEvil forces remain in control of the Four Lands.

The Elf Queen of Shannara" "Ordered by the Druid Allanon to find the Elves and return them to the world of Men, Wren is carried away to an island where Elves "might "still exist.

Their leader is determined to destroy all the Scions of Shannara.

So continues Terry Brooks s enthralling Heritage of Shannara epic, a spellbinding saga that chronicles the ultimate battle of good vs.

  • Series: Heritage of Shannara
  • Language: English
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Rating: 4.28
  • Pages: 1238
  • Publish Date: August 26th 2003 by Del Rey Books
  • Isbn10: 0345465547
  • Isbn13: 9780345465542

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I'm still committed to this chronogical re-read of the entire series, but a break is in order before I pick up the The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara Trilogy.

Par is charged to find the Sword of Shannara, Walker Boh is to find the Black Elf stone and bring by Paranor the Druids keep, and Wren is to find the Elves and bring them back to the four lands. The Druid of Shannara novel - intrances us with Walker Boh and his search for the Black Elf stone to restore Paranor and the Druids. To fulfill Alanons charge, Wren witht he aid of her new compainions Triss - the queens Home Guard leader, Stresa - the Splinterscat, The Tree Squeak, and Tiger Ty the Wing Rider and his Rock Spirit, they bring back the Elves to the four lands. In the End, The truth could only be discovered by using the Sword of Shannara in destroying the shadowen and the magic could only be restored by the healing Elves along with the new Druid Walker Boh's insight and guidence.

The series begins with The Scions of Shannara, when the Ohmsford descendants are summoned by the shade of Allanon to combat the Shadowen that have been poisoning the land. The Talismans Of Shannara The last novel details the final conflict between the Ohmsfords and the Shadowen monsters that have overtaken the Four Lands.

I've read some unkind reviews saying it was a "ripoff" of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, but nothing could be further from the truth. There's some room for growth and the Shannara series could go off in a number of directions but for now, I have to say that Heritage was a good read and I can recommend it.

Many fantasy writers have produced great work; curiously, Terry Brooks doesn't always seem to get the credit he deserves for being among them. And Brooks later 4 volume Heritage of Shannara series is yet another enjoyable fantasy work of real merit. Yes, The Sword of Shannara was a Lord of the Rings clone, but over time Brooks has better learned to use Tolkien as a tool rather than a crutch, using familiar elements to produce original work in his own voice. Great traditional fantasy-like Tolkien's Lord of the Rings or Leguin's A Wizard of Earthsea-is both fortifying and accessible. Brooks' excellent Heritage series-though it doesn't quite reach the dizzying heights of Tolkien or Leguin-shares the aforementioned qualities of great traditional fantasy. The different installments of the Heritage series are of fairly consistent high quality, which is yet another difference from the earlier work, and Brooks' writing has improved as well. The first book focuses of Par Ohmsford's quest to find the lost Sword of Shannara, and also on the political opposition to the all devouring Federation. Book 2, The Druid of Shannara, focuses primarily on Walker Boh's journey outside the 4 lands in an attempt to obtain the means to bring back Paranor and the Druids. Finally, there is a moral seriousness that shines through in this series; Brooks endeavors to instruct as he entertains, providing nourishment to the reader and some implicit criticisms of our present world, which Brooks obviously thinks is in as much trouble as the 4 lands. When Terry Brooks is on his game, as he is here, he can produce some memorable, enjoyable, and rewarding work.

(When, in the final volume, Morgan Leah bellowed at his idiot companions to actually "Move!" it was the greatest moment of sympathy I felt for any character at any time in the series.

A writer since high school, he wrote many stories within the genres of science fiction, western, fiction, and non-fiction, until one semester early in his college years he was given The Lord of the Rings to read.