Wanita Penghibur

Wanita Penghibur

by Sara Wood

Yang Mulia Leo dan Wanita Penghiburnya!Ginny amat mencintai karirnya sebagai model, sama seperti ia mencintai Leo. Tetapi sebuah kasus bohong membawa nama Brandon menjadi cemar; dan ini membawa akhir dari pernikahannya.

Leo ingin bercerai---titik.Dua tahun kemudian sebuah iklan memanggil Ginny untuk menghubungi seorang pria yang diharapkannya adalah ayah kandungnya di St. Lucia.

Alasan yang dikemukakannya adalah untuk mencegah Ginny berhubungan dengan keluarga St. Honore yang terkenal jahat itu.

  • Series: True Colours
  • Language: Indonesian
  • Category: Romance
  • Rating: 2.55
  • Pages: 250
  • Publish Date: 1997 by Pustaka Sinar Harapan
  • Isbn10: 9794165107

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The h walks in to find the H and the OW rolling around naked on the marital bed, the H wants a divorce and this is his way of getting it. The H will be the next Earl and inherit the title, but his father's favorite is his female cousin/sister Amber, who is the heroine of the next book, and the H knows that his father plans to leave the estate and his fortune to the girl. So the H likes his high priced, high brow aristocratic life, but he needs a woman who will supply him with the lifestyle he wants to maintain and he believes that the h could be the elderly man's child. Since it is an open secret that the elderly guy is really rich and planning on leaving everything to his child, the H is capitalizing his opportunity to cash in and thus he shows up to reclaim his ex-wife.) The h doesn't know any of this tho, (and the reader won't until the next book, but like I said in the first one, this series is a convoluted mess of drama and plot holes, so I am trying to explain all this in a way that makes sense.) Because the h is clueless, she allows the H to accompany her as she establishes a connection with the rich, sick elderly guy and the h and the elderly guy come together like they are long lost kin.

to add to the insult he divorces said wife and then comes after her 2 years later and expects all is forgiven with zero grovelling. There is also a 2 year missing chunk of story where although we find out a bit of what the h is up to theres no mention of whether the H was manhoring his way round the UK - which he probably was.

This annoyed Leo as he wanted her to ignore it and let it go, which made no sense to me considering he is so caught up on reputations. Leo doesnt help matters when he tells her that it is better for those of the same social class to marry each other as they know what to expect. (view spoiler) Ginny returns from the courthouse to find her rival and Leo chatting it up. Of course Ginny sees this, is distraught, and heartbroken and Leo gets what he wants.

Sara Wood wrote a controversial story line with this book. Wood three stars for the content, story line. Don't remember reading books like this back then.

Heroine-nya seorang model dg latar belakang klrga angkat&tdk mengetahui pasti siapa orang tua kandunya menikah dengan hero-nya di umur 19 thn. Keinginan utk kembali ke pelukan hero-nya sangat kuat tapi heroine-nya sadar kalo luka yg ditorehkan dari perceraian mereka masih membekas&mengoyahkan kepercayaan dirinya.

His real reason: to love, protect and remarry the woman he had once let go.Three women are looking for their family --what they truly seek is love.

Sara's father was one of four fostered children and never knew his parents, hence his joy with his own family. At the age of fifteen he decided he'd write an information book about collecting. Encouraged by his success, she thought she could write too and had several information books for children published. Sara and her husband moved to a small country estate in Cornwall which was a paradise. Sara's husband became seriously ill and it was clear that they had to move somewhere less demanding on time and effort. Sara feels fortunate that although she's had tough times and has sometimes been desperately unhappy, she is now surrounded by love and feels she can weather any storm to come.