Contract Baby

Contract Baby

by Lynne Graham

The late Nancy Leeward has left each of her three god-daughters a share of her estate.

Now she's found out her baby's father is Raul Zaforteza.

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Her surprise is great when she realises that there is not any unlucky married couple, but a single Venezuelan arrogant man, Raul, who does not want to get married ever. So, Raul decides to find her and marry her and take her and his kid back home.

This heroine was on the TSL end of the spectrum, however. I liked him more as the story progressed. A solid entry in a very entertaining series of three stories.

If you can get past (or maybe you're in the mood for) the spectacular asshattedness of the hero this might be the book for you.

Re Contract Baby - Lynne Graham finishes off her Husband Hunters trilogy with a surrogate mother/forced MOC book. When the h's mother becomes seriously ill and the h needs money for a Bronze Standard Livesaving HP Operation, the h agrees to be a surrogate for who she thinks is a married couple who desperately want a child. Then she winds up staying in Vermont for most of her pregnancy after her mother's operation did not work and she died - (hence the Bronze Standard designation, HP Gold Standard is only awarded when the patient lives.) While the h is in Vermont, she meets a very handsome and dashing Latin American and falls madly in love - then she finds out that the dashing Latin American is the single father of her unborn child and the h is devastated and betrayed. The h is jealous of the H's neighbor, who heavily implies that she and the H are involved in a big romance and the h is only there because she is the mother of the H's heir. The h vacillates between disbelief and despair, her love for the H has never died and we learn that the H was actually the product of an affair between his landowning father and his neighboring tenant worker mother. All of them are loved up, baby blessed and happy, they are all also once again the very best of friends for another pink sparkly unicorn dancing LG HP outing.

She only became a surrogate to pay her mothers medical expenses and when she was evaluated for potential surrogacy the doctor didn't recommend her, saying she was naive and didn't fully understand the emotional issues that would arise from giving up her child.

"Contract Baby" is the "WONDERFUL(ly shitty)" story of Raul and Polly. Let's summarize this brain numbing saga: -Raul, our hero the handsome playboy who dips his dick into anything blonde but wants no commitment -Hires a woman after screening her anonymously to be a surrogate because a)Good genes YOLO b)No uggos needed c)He doesn't want to put no ring on it -The h Polly accepts to provide her sick mother with better care -The H then enters her life, not telling her the truth, making her fall for him all the while "Treating her like a sister" (to whom he later confesses was WHAT) -The h finds out and runs away (running away #1, followed by many more) -The hero is a trillionaire with spies and PI's everywhere and finds her and thus begins a saga of two destructive individuals constantly being an asshole to one another. OUR HERO RAUL So SO HOT that every female in his vicinity has to wear panty liners, this ideal man sleeps with every blonde in sight EVEN when the heroine is almost nearing the end of her pregnancy. He verbally abuses and berates her, body shames her, uses her attraction and lack of hoeing against her, blackmails and threatens her and all the while wants to bang her pussy- but god forbid, she looks anywhere else- he will chop her up and feed her to a jaguar (actual quote in the book). Id break you into little pieces for the jaguar to feed on before I would let any other man near you!

Polly was very much like a doormat for a good portion of the book, and pretty much let Raul override her every desire - seriously! I loved (and hated in equal parts) how utterly weak and forgiving Polly was, when it came to Raul. I have to credit Raul for being smart enough to at least spot that, but both H and h were pretty stupid in their own way when in each other's company.

Like the H accused, she practically used the baby to blackmail him into marrying her and then use sex to trade for his fidelity. I think I would have felt more sympathetic if it was the H that suggested this in the end, I can totally understand why he was so pissed especially when she doesn't even realize what her actions and words implied.

Lynne married after she completed adegree at Edinburgh University. Lynne always wanted a large family and has five children. In Lynne's home, there is a rich and diverse cultural mix, whichadds a whole extra dimension of interest and discovery to family life. Lynne loves gardening, cooking, collects everything from oldtoys to rock specimens and is crazy about every aspect of Christmas.