High Hearts

High Hearts

by Rita Mae Brown

From the celebrated author of RubyfruitJungle and Bingocomes a stirring novel of the Civil War, a tale oftrue love and mistaken identity.

Bright, gutsy and young,Geneva Chatfieldmarries Nash Hart in Albemarle County, Virginia, thesame day Fort Sumter's guns fire the start of theCivil War. Five days later she loses him as Nashjoins the Confederate Army.

But sensitive Nash recoils in horrorfrom the violence of war, while Geneva isinvigorated by the chase and the fight.

This macho major, to his ownshock and amazement, finds himself inexplicablyattracted to the young soldier named "Jimmy."And this is only the beginning of a novel thatmoves with sureness and grace from the ferocity ofbattle to the struggle on the homefront, and bringspassion and sly humor to a story of dawning love.High Hearts is a penetrating,delightful and sweeping tale that gives fresh life to afascinatingtime

  • Language: English
  • Category: Fiction
  • Rating: 3.75
  • Pages: 448
  • Publish Date: April 1st 1987 by Bantam
  • Isbn10: 0553278886
  • Isbn13: 9780553278880

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What would the telling of the Civil War read like with a woman soldier? Five days after marrying, Geneva Chatfield's husband, brother, and father all leave home to enlist their services in the war effort. Not willing to live without her husband Nash, Geneva disguising herself as a boy and leaves home to join up with him in the cavalry.

There were uncounted women who cut their hair, lowered their voices and took up arms on both sides of The Civil War. Rita Mae Brown does a wonderful job crafting a fictional story using this truth as her premise. The characters are richly drawn (I actually preferred the evolution of Geneva's mother, Lutie, to Geneva herself), and the story layered and interesting.

She discovers a womanly passion during her "honeymoon" and is distraught that after a brief period of time, war looms and Nash enlists. Geneva decides she has to be with Nash, cuts her hair and disguises herself as a young man to enlist & serve along side her husband.

This broke up the action a lot, and was why I took many months to finish this book, reading only a "chapter" or two a day. As for the ending..reading the summary, any reader of romance can guess what is going to happen. While I know the book probably had a page limit, I'd have liked to get a few of those last climactic scenes the way other climactic scenes were in the book, as a chapter.

For starters, the way they stubbornly insist on calling the Civil War the "War Between The States".

Brown's afterword, too, reeks of Southern white apologist; as herself -- not even in the context of the story -- she insists that the Civil War was not about slavery, and that if it had been, there wouldn't have been so many poor white people fighting for the South...but even a cursory bit of actual research (using non-Southern sources) should be enough to dispel that notion.

The couples get married in Albemarle County Virginia the same day the Civil war begins and five days later their marriage is put to the test as Nash is sent off to join the Confederate Army. High Hearts reveals a lot about the struggle of the battlefield but also talks about the home front, where the responsibility of the plantation falls on the shoulders of Genevas mother, Lutie. One of the major plot twists in this book is the secret between the relationship of Geneva and Di-Peachy. Overall the book brings one of the most famous historical events to life and explains in interesting details the struggles in both the battlefield and the home front. The other Brown challenges the racial stereotype is the fact that a white man is in love with Di-Peachy. The heart of the story is the love between Nash and Geneva and their marriage. Brown reverses the roles of a traditional marriage when she portrayed Genevas character as a woman who loves outdoor activities and is not tested by the war at all. Overall High Hearts is a great book that held a lot of good values and views about love, war, society, and dedication.

Book Riot 2015 Challenge: Book by an author who identifies as LGBTQ PopSugar 2015 Challenge: Book I started once and never finished High Hearts is a book I've owned for a long time but never picked up.

Starting in the fall of 1962, Brown attended the University of Florida at Gainesville on a scholarship. she received another degree in cinematography from the New York School of Visual Arts.citation needed Brown received a Ph.D. in literature from Union Institute & University in 1976 and holds a doctorate in political science from the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C. Starting in 1973, Brown lived in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles. During Brown's spring 1964 semester at the University of Florida at Gainesville, she became active in the American Civil Rights Movement. Brown took an administrative position with the fledgling National Organization for Women, but resigned in January 1970 over Betty Friedan's anti-gay remarks and NOW's attempts to distance itself from lesbian organizations.