Sahro Koshin

Sahro Koshin

Deputy Executive Director and Programs Manager @ SIDRA

Sahro Ahmed Koshin is a Somali-Dutch poet and author of three poetry anthologies as well as an upcoming biography of her late father Mr. Ahmed H. Koshin.

In 1999 Sahro Ahmed Koshin was the recipient of the prestigious Dutch National Rabobank Poetry Prize for her poem She, A Somali Mother. In 2002 Sahro was awarded the highly acclaimed Dutch Leadership ECHO-Award by the ECHO Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. In 2006 She was given the recipient of the Wulavula Vogel Research Award from the Cultural Anthropology Department in Leiden University for her research among the Somalis in Mandera. In 2012 The students of Puntland State University (PSU) awarded Sahro the “Best Motivational Speaker Award” For her Career Management Lectures on Personal Development and Professional Profiling which she conducted for the students over a period of 3 years leading to the majority of the students finding a good career prospectus and employment.

She is the founder of the Puntland Women Writers Association (PWWA) based in Garowe, Puntland where she runs diverse literary activities encouraging women and young girls to express themselves through the power of the written word and through poetry and art

Sahro is currently working as the Deputy Executive Director and Programs Manager of The Somali Institute of Development and Research Analysis (SIDRA) In 2014 in Garowe she published her book “The Sounds of Laughter: An Anthology of Poems from the Soul” She blogs about her work on gender in Somalia here and here

Between 2002 and 2006, in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe, Sahro initiated various cultural projects such as the ERAYO (Words, in Somali) cultural project which was meant to support Somali refugee children to write down their thoughts and feelings about home and the Motherland through poetry and art. The project led to the compilation of all the submitted poems and artworks by the refugee children and the publication of a book in 2006 and can be found online here  She is the Vice-Chairperson of the Garowe Board of Governors (BoG) and also currently serving as a volunteer Board Member with FursadFund.

Sahro is currently completing a book called Isnino, a Somali girl which she hopes to launch during the Garowe International Book Fair.