Nasteexo Mahamed Abi

Nasteexo Mahamed Abi

Puntland Women Writers Association @ Puntland Women Writers Association

Nasteexo Mahamed Abi is the youngest female writer in the list of speakers at the Garowe International Book Fair. She is 12 years old and an active and outspoken member of the Puntland Women Writers Association (PWWA). She is a writer and a poet. In June of 2016 she presented her first book to an audience of more than 100 people who were intrigued by her story as well as her way of storytelling. The event was organised by PWWA during the commemoration of the organisation’s 2-year existence in which more than 7 Somali women writers presented their books. Nasteexo has written over 50 poems in the Somali language many of them deal with life’s ups and downs.




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