Mohamed Hassan

Mohammed Sh. Hassan

Founder & Author @ SCANSOM

Born in Somalia in 1957 with a Somali nationality and currently is a resident in Toronto, Ontario; Mohammed was schooled in Mogadishu where he finished his primary, intermediate and secondary education. Received a Master of Science in Business Administration degree from Stockholm University in 1996, also acquired a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from University of Stockholm during 1983 to 1988. Since 1993, he founded Scansom Publishers, as a publisher and developed publications and distributed measures for Somali literature for many different public libraries in Scandinavia, North America and United Kingdom for the past two decades, Mohammed is currently working in the largest supplier of Somali books to the public and school libraries in Europe and North America.

Mohammed developed relevant Somali curriculum for the Swedish National Education Board (Skolverket) 1993 to 2000. The curriculum is suitable for the Somali speaking students at the primary, intermediate as well as the secondary levels. Initiated & participated over 50+ different book fair events in Europe & North America since 2005. Conducted researches including Market analysis in the Middle East countries particularly in the Gulf States. Researcher at Stockholm University from 1996 to 1997. Wrote and published more than 130+ with different titles of Somali books covering a wide range of topics and issues as well as ten audio books in CDs and twelve books in DVDs.

Among other publications are the followings:

Children books: 25+ different titles were published since 1994 as well as 10 different titles of audio books mainly for children. · Proverbs: 4 different titles. · Presidential Biography 1 · Environment 2 · Fiction 10 · Poetry: 10 different volumes were collected and published since 1997-2001. · Collection of Somali songs: 5 different volumes have so far been published since 1998-2004. · Dictionaries: 4 different titles · Somali-English idioms dictionary: 1 volume 2006. · More publications under printing.. Audio visuals: 12 DVD books of Somali Folktales and 11 titles of Audio books mainly Somali folktales & children stories