Dr. Mohamud M. D. (Diirios)

Director @ S.C.R.C in Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Mohamud Dirios is collector and preserver of Somali ethnography. Graduated from Gahayr University Mogadishu, Vetinario, and holder of Ms in Laboratory technique. He served the academy of science in Mogadishu, and later became the last director of National Museums  of Mogadishu.

After the civil war, Dr. Diirios moved to Sweden and became a teacher, in year 2000 he moved to USA were he established Somali culture and research centre in Columbus Ohio, he wrote several children books, and done many cultural exhibitions in the world.

Dr. Dirios organised the art exhibition for the last year book fair in Garowe. This is his second time and he will present beautiful arts, pictures, and traditional materials for public to know and preserve their arts and culture.